Thursday, May 26, 2016

Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show 2016

This past weekend of was the 4th Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show located at the Shelby International building in Gardena, CA.  If you like Shelby cars, this is a must see event featuring a cornucopia of Shelby Mustangs, Shelby Cobras, Ford GT40s, and even a few Shelby Dodges from the 80s.  As always the event featured a 1PM rev for Carroll (you can hear it on our video below), but this year a Spirit of Competition panel was on stage to discuss Adam Carolla's to-be-released documentary "The 24 Hour War".

Below is a short video that we put together highlighting some of the interesting sights/sounds of the event; please click the like (thumbs-up) icon when you head over to our youtube channel.  

I snapped a whole roll of photos on my camera - you can also check them out below or at DT's photo album on flickr.  Don't forget to listen to Aaron Shelby chat with us on the DT Radio Show if you missed it.

Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show 2016



  1. Looks like it is a special event. Thanks for sharing DT. Oh, and you better get that roll of film off to the Jiffy-Print before they close. Go for the one hour processing with double prints special.

    1. Oh, I forgot to ask: what was that grey single-seater with faired-in wheels? There is a quick view of it in the cameos during the Rev-up.

  2. Ain't nevr' drove no cornucopia.


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