Monday, May 16, 2016

Auction Watch: 1986 Marathon E-Z-Go Suzuki GSXR Sportbike Powered

Find this 1986 Marathon E-Z-Go Suzuki GSXR Sportbike Powered here on eBay bidding for $2,750 reserve-not-met with $5,000 buy-it-now. 

Item specifics

Condition: Used
Seller Notes: Crazy sportbike-powered EZ-Go, not for the faint of heart, see details in description
Make: E-Z-GO Seat Capacity: 2 Seats
Type: Gas

OK, what we have here is your standard 100 horsepower golf cart!  This 1986 EZ-Go Marathon has a 2002 Suzuki GSXR600 engine and dash installed.  The specifications on the bike says it makes 115hp...  The install into the cart is actually pretty tidy - I bought it like this and don't know who did the actual work but they did a good job installing the motor, radiator and dash.  It is liquid cooled and fuel injected.  Runs great.  See pictures for details of the install. 

 Here is a video of me driving the cart - the sound is what gets it: 

Now, the driving experience... this thing is loud, it sounds like an inline 4 cylinder sportbike without much of a muffler, because that's what it is.  It really gets loud when you rev it up but if you just poke around, its not too offensive.  It definitely turns heads because when people hear the noise they expect to see a motorcycle pull up, and then when they see its a golf cart, well let's just say its surprising.  It is a 6 speed with a clutch (foot clutch like a normal manual car).  There is a gearshift knob that you push to the right to downshift, and to the left to upshift.  It does not have a reverse, so plan accordingly.  The brakes aren't great - might need new pads, I haven't looked into it.  I usually just downshift to slow down.  This thing is not the most stable vehicle in the world and it will go a lot faster than you will have the nerve to drive it. On the street it gets pretty nervous above about 30mph. I'm pretty stupid and this thing scares the crap out of me.  I'm selling it before I kill myself in it.  I thought it would be fun for my kids but after driving it myself, no way am I letting them drive it.

I suggest this is only driven by very intoxicated people because in a crash, the drunk is always the one who lives through it...    The stock gauge cluster from the Suzuki is mounted in the dash and the speedometer works though it reads high due to the gearing of the cart being different than what the bike originally had.  The cluster also tells you the coolant temp and has a neutral indicator and the usual other info that is on the motorcycle gauge cluster. 

The cart is lifted and has 16" wheels off a Honda car.  The headlights and taillights work.  I don't have a title for it but I will give you a bill of sale. 

You do not want to put a kid behind the wheel unless you don't like the kid, because he WILL crash it. 

I'd much prefer you come drive it before you buy it but I realize that only works for local buyers.  It is fun to drive and like I said, gets a TON of attention (I mean how many 100hp golf carts do you see rolling around the campground?) but its pretty high strung and definitely not for the faint of heart.  It does all work, but again, its not all that stable and I just tool around on it at fairly low speeds.  New shocks may make it more stable, I just don't know.  

Its not perfect cosmetically - has some dings and scratches and could use some detailing.  The seat cushions are brand new.  This thing is a novelty item and I wouldn't consider it practical transportation, not by a long shot.  When I bought it the seller told me not to romp on it in 1st or 2nd or it will slip in the motor mounts, so I take it easy until its rolling along.

I live about an hour east of Cincinnati and can possibly help deliver the cart, I have a truck and trailer.  Its for sale locally as well.  $500 PayPal deposit at close of auction and balance in cash when you pick it up, or we can work something else out.  Regardless of how you pay, the funds must clear into my account before the cart goes home with you.

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