Thursday, May 26, 2016

Auction Watch: 1966 Lotus Elan S2

Find this 1966 Lotus Elan S2 here on eBay bidding for $14,100 reserve-not-met with auction ending Friday at 11:32AM Pacific.


 From eBay listing:

This Lotus was built by Dave Rollo, famed Canadian Lotus racer and builder for many decades.  It was built new from the ground up just several years ago using a 1966 Lotus Elan S2 shell and all new mechanical bits.  Dave only raced the car once before selling the car to a gentleman in Colorado who never had a chance to put it on the track.  It looks like I won't be racing the car either although I will consider a partial trade with any vintage sports car or other interesting vehicle.  Here are the details of this car....

-Dave Rollo went thru the Tony Thompson catalog and ordered many high dollar racing parts for this car.  It has a brand new backbone chassis built to 26r spec.  All of the following suspension is also Tony Thompson....  It has adjustable upper arms, adjustable spring perches, and Koni shocks.  It has hardened billet output shafts, competition springs, rear sway bar, alloy hubs, billet axles, and has the CV driveshaft conversion. 

-For the drivetrain Dave built the motor to 170 horsepower.  Weber 45 DCOE carbs.  It has a cool period Vegantune cam cover.  Rear mounted oil tank from Tony Thompson.    The transmission is a rebuilt Quaiffe close ratio dog box.  The rear end is a Quaiffe limited slip differential.  Wheels are genuine Minilite wheels.  The Avon tires are still good for track testing.  The belts are good thru 2016.  The body was painted when the car was built just a few year ago and it still looks good with just a few very minor scratches here and there.  The radiator is also 26r spec from Tony Thompson.

- This car is basically all new.  Assume that you would need to do minor sorting before putting on the track.  I'm happy to sell it to anyone around the world and can help arrange shipping if needed.  This car has the vin in the actual body and also the stamped vin plate. It also has both logbooks from RMVR and the Canadian Sport Club (VARAC)  Like most race cars, this car is sold on a bill of sale and a title should not be needed for export although one could be acquired with a bit of time and money.  Please message me for any questions.

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