Monday, May 16, 2016

Auction Watch: 1959 Austin Healey Sprite with Suzuki G13B Power

Find this 1959 Austin Healey Sprite with Suzuki G13B Power here on eBay offered for $13,500 with a few minutes to go.

From eBay listing:

Item specifics

Condition: Used Year: 1959
Mileage: 10,000 Drive Type: RWD
Make: Austin Healey Model:


Vehicle Title: Clear Engine: 1.3L Suzuki Swift G13B 115HP

Well the time has come to list my lovely project for sale. I am an owner of a BMW repair shop (LukeG Workshop) and I just can not find the time to complete it. I will continue with progress and price will go up accordingly.

I can be reached at 708-465-9053 with any questions

I am a true professional and everything on this car been done in that manner. No back yard mechanic work here.


Suzuki Swift GTI 1989 engine code G13B
- Replaced timing belt, water pump, tensioner/pulley.
- Replaced crankshaft gear for timing belt and woodruf key (common failure)
- Replaced spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor.
- Replaced all gaskets.
- Castrol 5w30 synthetic.
- Engine runs flawlessly as I just adjusted ignition timing and set the throttle position sensor.

- Custom fabricated aluminum coolant pipes.
- All aluminum radiator fitted.
- Spal electric fan.
- New thermostat.

- Suzuki Samurai transmission.
- New u-joint in custom length driveshaft.
- Freshly resurfaced flywheel.
- New clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing

- All tig welded stainless steel from manifold back.
- Vibrante ultra quiet straight through resonator and Vibrant standard resonator. Sounds beautiful.
- V-band flange at rear axle connection.

- All coated hard fuel lines throughout. Has a total of about 12" of rubber hose.
- Mercedes 190e in line fuel pump.
- BMW E36 fuel filter.
- Custom tig welded sump to stock fuel tank which then was powdercoated black.

- All coated hard lines.
- 4 wheel Suzuki Swift GTI disc brakes.
- Rebuilt and powdercoated calipers.
- New brake pads.
- New rotors.
- Stainless braided brake lines at calipers.
- New fluid fully bled and flushed.

- All interior/dash/folding top trim and hardware powdercoated black.
- Freshly recovered front seats.
- Brand new soft top included.
- All new lights/trim/seals etc.
- Comes with both side windows which are also powdercoated black and have new glass and felt strips. (one needs a new seal, other has a new seal)
- Previous owner did the paint and body work which is near flawless.
- Previous owner fabricated a trunk lid for the car.
- Brand new rims and tires.
- Previous owner modified the dashboard to fit the Suzuki instrument cluster.

What needs to be done...

- Interior needs finishing. It needs door panels and rest of the carpet kit. A new partial carpet kit is included.
- Electric radiator fan needs to be wired up.
- Headlights and tail lights need to be wired up (it is all mocked up, just needs the wires run)
- The only thing preventing the car from being driven is the clutch release arm on the outside of the trans needs to be replaced and I actually just ordered one.
- Fuel gauge is not functional at this time.
- Speedometer is not functional at this time.

This car should have a very strong power to weight ratio similar to modern performance cars as this engine produces more than double of the factory engine and also weighs around 200lbs less.


  1. That's a nice choice of hardware for that car. Not cheap money for an unfinished project and I'd have never painted the SOB red but it could be really nice.

  2. I never would have thought of this combo, but yeah it could probabaly be really fun. 200lbs lighter sounds unlikely since i doubt the original engine and tranny weight 200lbs total. Still sounds fun. I wonder if they changed the rear suspension, its not the most advanced in a bugeye


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