Thursday, May 12, 2016

Auction Watch: 1957 Ford Custom..No..Really Custom

The '57 Chevy gets all the attention when it comes to 50s domestics, but the '57 Ford was no shabby pile of garbage either. Find this 1957 Ford Custom here on eBay bidding for $10,099 reserve-not-met with auction ending Sunday at 8:01PM Pacific.

From eBay listing:

Item specifics

Condition: Used
Seller Notes: Used Car
Year: 1957 Mileage: 35,000
Transmission: Manual Make: Other Makes
Body Type: Sedan Drive Type: RWD
Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty Vehicle Title: Clear
Exterior Color: White/Green Fuel Type: Gasoline
Interior Color: Green For Sale By: Private Seller
Number of Cylinders: 6

Where Do I Start ??? Ok Here I GO,I bought this car 3 years ago when I saw a old ad for it and Owner said it was still For Sale. So I drove up to Massachusetts with my Flatbed and there it was sitting behind a Barn on a old concrete pad it had been there sitting outside for 5 years waiting to get restored but he loss interest ! So I brought it Home and it sat inside for months till I could make a plan.Well after looking for a Year on line I Found IT ! a old Picture of it from 1968 and it was in a parade and it was a color picture so I knew what color I was going to paint it to bring it back to it's formal Glory then went to work on the drivetrain and it originally Drove from Both Ends !!! It had cable's and Linkage going back and forth what a huge Job they did ! But it had been sitting So Long that it would take a lot of work to Re-Do all that and I could tell you could only do maybe 5 mph either way because the driveshaft was on a 45 degree angle ! I Wanted to make it so I could drive it down the Road and Highway to Go to Car Shows and Cruse Nights to BLOW Peoples Minds With it ! So I end up doing a Frame On Restoration The Body Was rough so It took about 3 months for the Body Shop to straighten it out and Paint it to the original color,I Left the Door Jams the original paint which is kinda rough but it is Original.Floor's had a couple patches in them already which was fine with me for a driver.Then started on the Drivetrain .Cut out the rear end ( Which was really the front end of a 4X4 1960 International Scout so it could turn ! ) Then welded in a 1972 Ford Torino Rear End with all the leaf Springs and shocks,then had a New Double Drivshaft made.Then did a Major Tune up on the 223 Six Cyl ( l left all the Original paint on the motor) including Fuel Pump,Fuel Lines,Starter,Battery,Carb,Plugs,Points,Condenser,Water pump,hoses,tested Radiator was OK,Started it up Purred like a Kitten !!!Now did All Brakes Including Master Cylinder all Brake Lines,Wheel Cylinders,brake kits,shoes,all 100% NEW and Right !. Now went to the interior which is all Original so just did a real good Cleaning on it and had a New Head Liner Installed.Replaced a couple of the side windows that had cracks in them.There You Have It ! Now low and behold one of my friends said that my car is in" Hemming's Classic Car in the LOST & FOUND Under Which ways Reverse ? HCC # 121" So low and behold sure enough it is !!! A matter of Fact it was in 4 Different times ( Sorry I try'ed to Load the Pictures of the Magazines would not load it !!!) but Looking for it in # 38 # 120 #121 # 127 WOW !!! So I did put a call in to HCC but did not get a Call back then after seeing the pictures I traced the school down to get in Touch with Richard Malsam from Bismarch Junior Collage Designed of North Dakota.And low and behold He worked on the Car with the Students for 2 Years to make it and finished it in April of 1968 to use it in Fairs and Parades and there was a Sign bolted thru the roof that said " Always Forward ,Bismarck Junior Collage,Designed & built by our Auto Body Dept"from there it somehow ended up in Springfield Ma at a Glass Shop as a Display for 20 plus years then they Scraped it and the guy I got it from saw it at the Scrap yard and bought it and that is the 'Incredible Story' !!! So I saved it.I have NOT Gone to a Show Yet so you will be the First To Have All the FUN in the World Showing it and going to Cruses with it.just siting in my driveway it has caused accidents people stopping in the middle of the Road ! So if you want to be the Center of Attention anywhere you go this is the Car for You !!! It is Registered in Conn so I have a Registration that I can transfer with a Bill of Sale Conn Dose Not Give Titles for cars over 25 years old ! Make sure you can Register it in your state.Car is being Sold As Is.The Condition of the car is a "Driver" It is Not Perfect by any means ! It Is What It Is ! It is 60 Years old and most of it is Original ! Paint is real Nice it is single stage Pictures should tell 99% of the Condition ! Speedo dose not work so TMU on milage,wipers do not work,heater dose not work.Yes It Is a Nice Day Car Only ! will cruse @ 75 mph all day long.Good Luck Bidding...I am 20 min outside of Hartford CT if you want to come see it.Please only bid if You are a Serious Bidder.I do Not TEXT,email Only if you are serious....Again This is the ONLY One Like It that is Legal on the Road in the WORLD ! That is what you call Rare or One of  a Kind or 1 of 1 !!! Just trying to Help you Understand This is Your Only Chance Ever to Own It ! Thanks Sean.......
On May-08-16 at 20:57:22 PDT, seller added the following information:P.S: Sorry I forgot to add that the Back End of the car I made those rear Headlights into One of a Kind inside I cut the back of the Bulb's ( It Took 6 headlight Bulb's they kept breaking when I was drilling them out with a Diamond Drill Bit that cost me $ 95.00 but it Work'ed !!! ) and add"ed 2 LED Lights to make a combo STOP Lights and Park light that are Red when Lit to make it Street Legal !!! I was going to hook up the Head Light bulb's with the brake lights and park all in One, but I Know I was looking for Trouble if I did that just think how freak'ed Out people would be if they came up behind it on the highway and think it is coming Straight at them with the Headlights ON !!!

On May-09-16 at 06:48:42 PDT, seller added the following information:Well finally got the Pictures of HCC Magazine Articles on the page this Morning ! Well I have been getting a Lot of Emails which all ask How much $$$ do You want ? Want to Buy Now...So what is it worth ? Very Hard to say other then what someone is willing to Pay...If you try'ed to work out what it would cost to Re-make it then you could Use the formula that the School in 1968 took 10 students 2 years roughly 800 hrs to build it ! If you wanted to pay a Professional Shop to Build it @ $ 150.00 a hour x 400+ hours plus 2 1957 ford wagon donor cars you would be around $ 100000.00...And most people that have given there 2 cents worth thought it was worth between $ 45000.00 and $ 65000.00...I had a Car Guy appraiser put a High Retail # of $ 75000.00 ...So I hope this Help's You out to what it may be Worth.......

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