Thursday, April 7, 2016

Seller Submission: 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300E

Perhaps the 300E with Chevy 350 V8 just wasn't your thing -- that's fine, nobody is going to judge you around here, in fact, I've got something for the non V8 swapper -- a nice looking original 300E for a decent price from a regular DT reader.  Find this 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300E offered for $2,900 in Macon, GA via craigslist. Seller submission from Sir Montalbon.

If that last Frankenbenz had you feeling like you should be screaming "Khaaaaaaan!" from an abandoned planet (no...not even a little bit?) then this should sooth down your inner Kirk.  The W124 chassis is a fine piece of craftsmanship and these things will last long into this century with basic maintenance and care.

From the seller:
Interior: 9/10.
The interior is excellent for its age. MB Tex vinyl looks almost new, with zero rips, tears, or creases. Carpet is clean. Wood is intact, with just a few cracks in the center console, which is very common. Also has a rare wood lock box under the center armrest.
Exterior: 7/10
The exterior would be a 9/10, but about a year ago I lightly backed the car into one of my other cars in the driveway (oh, the humanity!). In the pictures, you can see a small crack on the rear bumper, and the driver's rear corner is dented up. There is slight surface rust there, but the corner is still solid. A body shop quoted me $500 to fix. There are also small cracks in the front lower bumper section, but are not very noticeable. Other than that, the car has no rust anywhere and nice 2 year old Euro headlights and restored trim all around.
Mechanical: 7/10
The car runs and drives very well, however, it does have a few fluid leaks. The car drips a little bit of oil and a little bit of transmission fluid. I keep an eye on those and have to top them off about every 1,000 miles. There is also a recent power steering leak that I am trying to get fixed before the sale. Despite these drips, the car still runs and drives very nicely.

See a better W124 for cheap?


  1. Nice looking benz.

    The backing into your own car sucks, my wife has backed into my truck about 3 times now, once kinda hard for only moving 4 feet. But its an 01 suburban hitting a 95 chevy 1500 so the only damage was to the plate holder. Real bumpers have their perks

  2. From the "Mine is bigger than yours" file: Christmas Eve, 2014, I backed my ex-wife's GL350 into my 991 as we were leaving for our friends' holiday party...into the driver's door and fender. I got out, took a look, got back in and drove to the party. Had a great time.


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