Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Luftgekühlt 3: Living The Air-Cooled Life

My own fascination with aircooled Porsches dates back a few years. I don't have one of those stories about a grandfather/uncle/neighbor owning one, but I do recall a time when ordinary folks used them for ordinary commutes.  I had a summer job (between years of college) working at a Porsche repair/restoration shop down in San Diego and learned a few things that I won't forget -- the first is that un-grounded sand blasting nozzles create an incredible shock when the potential exceeds the insulating capability of rubber gloves, next is that there is an art to cleaning the floor with a mop & a spray bottle of Simple Green, and finally that the 911, 912, 356, & 914 exude an unquantifiable quality that makes them special.  This last Sunday I was able to relive some of that feeling at the Luftgekühlt event at Modernica.

Join us as we travel to a parking lot midcentury-modern furniture factory in the industrial city of Vernon, CA for a morning of aircooled Porsches, and interesting people.  Armed with the a battery jump box powered sound board hooked up an iPhone 6S+, we filmed a few cars, a few people (Patrick Dempsey, Magnus Walker, Matt Farah) and had a great time.  Checkout DT's video on our newly launched YouTube channel. 

Of course CFlo came equipped with his dSLR and, powered by a steady stream of coffee and bourbon, took a few detailed pictures of cars such as the $275k '85 Carrera Safari, Bruce Canepa's 959, Don Murray's Lufthansa 914-6, (how'd we not get a shot of Jerry Seinfeld's 904 Carrera GTS) -- just check out the entire collection of pics here on DT's flickr page.

Luftgekühlt 2016

If you find yourself in the LA area at the next Luftgekuhlt, don't worry about getting the pronunciation right, just head over and enjoy the experience.


  1. What I would have asked Patrick Dempsey: "Did you buy the Targa before or after it became cool? Was that before or after *you* were cool?"

    1. I wouldn't question his porsche motivations. He races them extensively and is competitive.

    2. Yeah, I mean, for God's sake, Wikipedia lists him as 'actor and race car driver'.

      There are actors who take their money and go do what they want to do, and that's a good thing.

      And then there are actors who take their money and start spewing nonsense, like the DiCaprio global-warming-from-the-airstair-of-his-Gulfstream bullsh...uh.

    3. apparently aka PDork to some racing fans who think he's a wannabe doing it as a PR stunt, while others admire his effort, commitment and hard-won modest success - anyhoo, he's off the circuit this year - Patrick Dempsey Unlikely to Drive in 2016

  2. Yeah, it's real diffikühlt to pronounce Luftgekühlt.

    Thanks DT for the elocution lesson.

  3. Once they became freaking "P-Cars" all I have left are photos and old speeding tickets.

    Patrick Dempsey seems less "douchey" than it may be assumed. He is a real deal racer more in he Newman lineage than some rich-boy asshole.

    He is accessible to fans when he races at Lime Rock. I know because both my 20 something daughters had a sudden interest in attending the races he appeared in.

    I just thought they liked racing after being dragged to many of them over the years. Nope.

  4. I am so depressed! Having just sold my '70 sunroof T after 15 years of ownership I couldn't fact the overwhelming presence of so many lucky was like every front end was laughing at me! Having had both an early soft window Targa and my sunroof T I count myself lucky to have had a shot at early 911's....damn good for your soul though now you'll have to have a bit more coin that before....damn


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