Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lambo Mufflers: 1980 Volvo 262C Bertone V8 Custom

The Volvo 262C Bertone was a variant of Volvo's 200-series that featured a chop-top vinyl covered greenhouse and assembly at the Bertone factory in Turin, Italy.  It all sound great until you realize that it was powered by a French V6 -- except for this one today.  Find this 1980 Volvo 262C Bertone V8 Custom here on eBay bidding for $3,809 reserve-not-met with $8,900 buy-it-now located in Oklahoma City, OK.

The Volvo 262C is an odd car, not produced in large quantities (6622 produced from 1978 through 1980) but a significant population have been converted to V8 least a large percent of the cars for sale at any given time.  Does that reflect the realities of a home-brew V8 swap or the percent of 262Cs that have been converted?  You'll have to do your own research to answer that question.

Under the hood is a 327 cubic inch Chevrolet small block V8 which wouldn't be as peppy as a modern LS1 V8, but it isn't a bad version of the small block if you are on a budget.  The car features power brakes, power steering, power windows and working A/C.  What more do you need in a horseless carriage?

See a better deal on a V8 powered and Italian built custom?


  1. I didn't even realize it was leather, until you said something. I thought it was crushed velvet, to match the scrunchy door cards. Nice clean engine installation though.

  2. I love it. The color and ride height make it look really gangster.

  3. I bet the color looks better outside in natural light. Those fluorescent shop lights can play tricks with color. My guess is that it's a much brighter/warmer gold.

    I dig this, but I'd want to ditch the rear wing and choose a different set of late-model Volvo wheels instead. Those are too blah for me. Then I'd give some attention to the seats. This car could really benefit from some Euro (smaller) bumpers too.

    1. Agreed, the paint looks great, even in the bad light.

    2. Especially with the vinyl removed from the lid.

  4. For a roofline like that I'll buy a late-model 300 SRT8.

    Hate those. Really hate those.

  5. Damn those seats look disgusting. Riding around on someone else's dirt has no appeal. Looks like a pimp car from the outside though.cs

  6. A Frog can only become an ugly green Prince. These cars have always looked misshapen and this one does not change my perception one iota.

    It is a higher order ugly, but ugly all the same.

    With that said, I would enjoy doing smokey burnouts until something breaks.

  7. Holy Cow Interior......knot..!


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