Friday, April 22, 2016

International Delight: 1990 Renault R5 GTE

Mention the Renault R5 in the US and most car nuts will think of the flared Turbo Group B rally car.  Yes, the rare R5 RMR Turbo models were awesome machines, but they were an evolution of a modest, economical hatch.  There were millions made, but few found their way to the US.  Find this 1990 Renault R5 GTE here on eBay for sale in Avenel, NJ bidding at $4,300

With each passing year we get another class of models graduating from the 25 year or younger ban on foreign-market imports.  Along with the Z1s, Seras and Figaros that have finally gotten their immigration papers stamped is this Renault 5.  You could consider this one of those common European delights like good chicken doner kebabs and drinking beer on the train.

I know what you are thinking.  Gee, I could really go for chicken doner kebabs right now.  How am I going to get parts for this car?  The satisfying sight of onlookers striking curious poses (RIP, Prince) also comes with the misfortune of blank stares from the guy behind the counter at Auto Zone when you own something like this.  You may need to do a little international business to keep her on the road. 

There is no way anyone will be mistaking this Renault 5 for its rally car brother, either from the curb or in the driver's seat. This is the ubiquitous front drive set-up, so you'll be getting torque steer and understeer, if anything. You are looking at around 94 HP with this car, but look at those intake runners.  With its small size and even smaller weight (<1,800 lbs) it ought to be an entertaining driving experience. 

See another foreign model finally cleared for import? email us here:


  1. only person i ever knew who had one of these also had a French wife - haven't thought about that guy in a while, might have to give him a call

  2. I used to drive an R16 into which somebody had installed that very steering wheel. Always wondered what it was from. Happy to have this one solved after all these years...


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