Saturday, April 30, 2016

DT Radio Show Ep 18: Mark Brems And The Electric Porsche 914

On today's episode of Daily Turismo Radio we interviewed Mark Brems, the man who converted a Porsche 914 to electric powahhhh! We also talk suspension (yawn..) and play a few games with the peanut gallery, and discuss the future of DT Radio. Enjoy! Don't for get to leave a rating and review and listen to us live on Friday 7PM Pacific time. Embedded below or on PodBean or iTunes.


  1. I'm sure adding 900 lbs in dead weight and being confined to a 30 mile radius is a great idea.

    1. and bobinott has a friend to whine about garage builds

    2. I suspect you didn't even listen to the podcast. Let me offer you some facts. Car gets 70 mile range, the battery pack weights 450 lbs. Subtracting the engine and weight of the fuel tank, only 240 lbs were added to the weight of the car. It has been driven for 3 years maintenance-free, and I have saved at least $7500 in gasoline costs in that time. It's also a chick-magnet.

    3. You had me until "chick-magnet"

  2. This car is way cool, any chance he'd sell it?

  3. I have a second 914 in the works, which will have almost double the horsepower and range. It should be done in a couple months. Go to and leave a comment if you are interested.


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