Saturday, April 23, 2016

DT Radio Show Ep 16: Dan G Talks About Being Whipped

We have entered into a new era at the Daily Turismo Radio Show in joining the line up and broadcasting live on On this inaugural live show Vince and Cflo are joined by NASCAR engineer Dan G, and we talk all things cars to carburetors to drones. Enjoy and be sure to tune live every Friday night at 7pm PDT on TalkRadioOne.

Enjoy the show and have a peek at what it is to be producer Ben -- just imagine staring at that setup for an hour while being in a room with two idiots and one bemused guest.

 Next week, with any luck, we will have a California State Senator joining the show.


  1. I really enjoy listening to DT radio. The show format seems to work well as you have 3 people involved in the conversation (each offering a thought, remembrance about a certain car, smartass inappropriate comment or making a funny point about something). Congrats on joining Talk Radio 1.

    1. Paul - thanks for the note. We appreciate the feedback! Feel free to berate us as well when appropriate. At some point in the near future we will be able to take live calls and would love to hear from DT readers / listeners such as yourself. Rock on.


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