Friday, April 29, 2016

Coffee Brake: A Gift for Mom

Coffee Brake: It is time for everyone here to take a minute from scouring the internet for cheap used cars and instead think a little bit about the woman who gave birth to you.  Yup.  Mother's day is next weekend (Sunday May 8th), but you've probably been up to your elbows in Volvo wiring harness repair and haven't gotten anything for her -- fear not, DT is here to help.

The easy gift for Mom on Mom's day is a bouquet of flowers.  You can get them delivered from, which sells a boat load of flowers for Mother's day -- the best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your computer/phone/iPad with only a brief delay from your vehicle maintenance.

Gift certificates for Amazon.  If you've got a Mom who is still upset that you ruined her bikini body and takes it out on you by rolling her eyes at anything you've ever gotten for her, the gift certificate is the ultimate in delivering on your commitment while avoiding any potential liability associated with the act of gift giving.

What about a mug that says "I'm a Mom, what's your superpower?" for about $12 on Amazon.  Nothing says I love you Mom like something she can throw away a few weeks later.

What about a jewelry box that plays "You are the wind beneath my wings" when it opens up -- seriously?  Who would want this kind of stuff?  You'd be better off getting your Mom a Daily Turismo T-Shirt, iPhone case, mug or wall clock.

Feel free to drop any Mom's day gift ideas in the comments below.

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  1. My mom occasionally waxes nostalgia on the first car she bought out of college, an amc rambler American convertible. Probably would have been 1967. I have thought be cool to get her back in one. However at $6000 for a decent driver,not sure that's going to happen. Perhaps you can put a price on love. ☺ When she needs to feel young again she can always hop into her 1987 conquest tsi. Btw, she is 72.


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