Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blue Glove Tool Review: MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

If you are anything like me, you spend a fair bit of time crawling under cars (or climbing on ladders to finish some home improvement project.)  Typically, you need one or more of your prehensile flippers to hold your hand tools leaving any additional tools or hardware in your pocket, on the ground, or in your mouth -- never a good thing when working with asbestos coated pieces of radioactive lead, so the guys at MagnoGrip came up with a simple (and brilliant) solution.  For only $7.92 you can get the MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband from and pretend you are a young Magneto still working on his power.

Obviously, one of the better uses for the MagnoGrip is to hold additional wrenches while you work on something on your car, but there are plenty of other equally good uses.

Even heavy hardware is no match for the powerful magnets and easy to use Velcro attachments of the MagnoGrip.

One of my favorite uses is to hold wood/drywall screws or nails while I am working on a home project, it is much better than holding them between your teeth.  Safer too.  Probably.

Speaking of safety, the kitchen, according to various credible online studies, is the second most common place to have an accident that requires hospitalization (second only to walk-in barracuda storage tanks) and imagine the convenience of having the right knife for your chopping/hacking/paring needs at your finger tips.

However, what if you are working on some arts/crafts, building some kind of rainbow fairy necklace, or an Elsa collage, and you need paper clips -- THEY ARE READY FOR YOU!

 Or you are custom crafting a small family of rat dolls who have coordinating blankets and teddy bears -- you might find that having your bobby pins nearby is extremely handy.  Pro tip: Getting those pins off the MagnoGrip after this picture was trickier (and pokier) than expected.  The pins are now nicely magnetized, which is great if you want to pick one from the pin container and get a dozen clinger-ons dangling under it. I might get an earful when my wife finds her sewing kit like this...but it was totally worth it.

This is my favorite use of the MagnoGrip -- custom hidden sidearm holster.  I've seen enough cop shows to know that everybody needs a throwaway Saturday night special on their leg, and the MagnoGrip is the perfect thing for hold a pistol, throwing knife, or sharpish scissors (don't run with these...) .

Go ahead.  Get your own MagnoGrip and buy it through this link and DT gets a few nickles. 


  1. My wife gave me one of these for christmas. Havent done any wrenching and i havent tried it on a construction site yet. I do tend to hold screws in my teeth a lot so maybe ill try it

  2. I know those harbor freight screwdrivers from anywhere. How many free kits do you have? I have two so far, I usually get the flashlights instead, but I like having two sets, one in the house and one in the garage.

    1. I've been collecting the screwdriver sets and I give them to people who don't have a drawer full of screw drivers (these people also seem to THINK you don't need a drawer full of screw drivers...). I'm also a big fan of the free multimeters.

  3. "...second only to walk-in barracuda storage tanks" - I have said it before, and I will say it again, you crack me up, DT!

  4. I had to get rid of my walk-in barracuda tank. I got tired of cleaning up the spillage every time I opened the door.

  5. This seems like an ideal way to accidentally scratch your car fender, and erase your credit cards at the same time.

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