Sunday, April 3, 2016

Best of the Worst: 1987 Maserati Biturbo SI

When is a Maserati Biturbo worth $17,500?  The answer is: for about 10 minutes in 1988 as it plummeted from its $26,874 original MSRP.  Could this viciously maligned model ever gain a foothold in the insane collector car market?  Stranger things have happened. Find this 1987 Maserati Biturbo SI here on eBay for sale in Los Angeles, CA for $17,500 Buy-It-Now.

According to the NADA book, these coupes are trading for just shy of $10,000 in the high retail condition category.   The Hagerty Valuation Tool has them at $8,500 in #1 condition, up from $7,000 three years ago.  While this isn't a reason to mothball every Biturbo you can get your hands on, it shows that even the most slandered cars can gain a following.

Could this be an example of a revved-up collector market pushing interest into previously overlooked models?  Entry-level P-cars and Ferraris are floating out of the reach of more and more enthusiasts every day.  If you have a flair for European exotics, you may need to broaden your horizons or be left out of the game altogether.  

If you are going to brave the treacherous errand of Biturbo ownership, you'd might as well start with a low mileage example of one of the last years they were available in the US.  The 1989s were the most refined and powerful.  Is this car worth the steep asking price?  Probably not quite yet, but don't be surprised if you see Biturbos getting more expensive with each passing year.   

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  1. I envision the typical Biturbo owner as having a side-yard full of them on cinderblocks for spare parts.

    It's not a car that you can count on buying parts when you need them, and it's not a car you can count on FINDING parts when you need them, and you are going to need parts routinely, so you might as well make them part of your landscaping.

    1. "Junior, did you weedwack the Maserati Garden this morning?"

      "Yes, Dad"

      "Good boy. Now go pull me a rear wheel bearing."

  2. If you watch the old Miami Vice TV series, there were always a lot of these floating through the scenes.

  3. I own a 1987 SI 2500 Black Edition,in person it really turns heads and attracts attention anywhere I take it. The supercharged twin turbo Maserati V6 engine sounds unlike any other engine. People always follow it on the road to see it more closely like any other exotic super car.It's actually quite simple to maintain and parts are easy to find.

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