Monday, April 25, 2016

Begging Your Pardon: 1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

The Silver Spirit replaced the Silver Shadow in 1980.  It was meant as a short term stop-gap until the smaller, more fuel efficient SX series.  The SX never made it past the experimental stage, and the Silver Spirit soldiered on for 20 years over four "marks".  In 1982, a "mark 1" Silver Spirit would have set you back $111,000 ($277,000 in 2016 dollars).  Today, you can pick one up for the price of an econo-box. Find this 1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit for sale in Kirkland, WA for $11,950 via craigslist.

The cheapest new car you can buy in 2016 is the Nissan Versa, with an MSRP of $11,990.  The Nissan is powered by a 1.6L four, belting out 109 hp.  For $40 less, you can have this fine example of British-ness equipped with a 6.75L V-8, putting down adequate hp via a GM 3-speed slushbox.  With only 61,000 miles on this example, it's just broken in.  Who needs a warranty anyway?

Inside, it's like a gentlemen's club with polished wood, wool carpets and blue leather.  You also get an out of place Nardi wooden wheel.  This car looks to be for sale by a dealer, given the stock tag for the key and the plastic on the carpet.  Maybe you can score a better deal, since you are dealing with a dealer...

In the trunk it looks like you get some logo'd pillows and bath mats along with many opportunities for snarky comments.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent.  He prefers Andreas Keller Mustard.


  1. Please contact me if you are interested in buying this fine automobile. My uncle who resided in Del Boca Vista, FL recently passed away. He was noted not for much except he was a snappy dresser.

    His collection of leisure suits and contrasting accessories made him the hit at every bingo game he arrived at in style, in his 97' vintage Mercury Marquis. It had a color combination similar to this car.

    Lou's weight fluctuated so sizes run from 34-54" waist and jacket so chances are we have what you are craving!

  2. Gee, eight-hole K-Jet fuel distributor sticking up there.

    Here you go...

    And maybe this...

    The actual fuel injectors and pump and crap seem to be generic K-Jet stuff available thru Rockauto, but I would hate to know the price on a complete replacement fuel distributor once enough alcohol's been run through it to chew up the aluminum body...

  3. mrkwong: Avoidance of the inevitable realities of K-Jet cars allows many hundreds of miles before a literally irreplaceable part is required.

    To best fulfill my self-loathing tendencies, my play car is a OD, rust-free, IPD/Bilsteined' 75' 245. The hotter cam rebuilt B-20 is a great motor, an attribute that is hard to fulfill when fuel is not reaching the cylinders in the correct dose.

    This Rolls is a self-flagellation fiesta on wheels.

  4. Mr. Hoffa appreciates the pillows.

  5. Mr. Hoffa appreciates the pillows.

  6. Mr. Hoffa appreciates the pillows.

  7. This car is apparently not the universal answer to the question 'what do you drive if you want to bag your neighbor's wife?'

    So I'll return to reviewing Ferrari 550/575M ads, even though that grade of sin isn't on my horizon (and, frankly, there isn't anyone around here worth the effort...)


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