Sunday, April 24, 2016

Auction Watch: 1991 Toyota Supra Turbo

Take a look at this 1991 Toyota Supra here on eBay bidding for $7,501 with auction ending today (Sunday) at 10:46 PM PST.


 From eBay listing:

Item specifics

Condition: Used Year: 1991
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JT2MA71M8M0157475 Mileage: 105,000
Exterior Color: Black Make: Toyota
Interior Color: Gray Model:


Vehicle Title: Clear Trim: Turbo
Fuel Type: Gasoline For Sale By: Private Seller

Up for sale is a 1991 Toyota Supra Hardtop 5 speed manual.  A little bit of history on the car.  It is owned by my dads best friend of 50 years who just died of heart disease.  I am assisting his Widow with the sale of the car.  He was 73 and is the 2nd owner of the car when he purchased it in 2007 from an Audi Dealer in Texas when it was traded in on a new Audi sport coupe.  This is his 2nd Supra. He sold his 1988 Turbo that he bought brand new to purchase this one.  He was a Mechanical Engineer and a real gear head and was probably the smartest guy you will ever meet so this car was maintained perfectly under his ownership.  The car is completely stock except for an upgraded air filter.  It was not driven much and spent most of its time parked in the garage.  The car has a brand new Engine  These cars have had known issues with bad head gaskets and this was one of them so a brand new Toyota Engine was installed about 1,000 miles ago by an ASE certified Mechanic from Toyota.  He was very particular about things so also pictured below is a 3 page list with detailed instructions of how he wanted things done during the engine install.  The original engine is included with the car as to maintain its originality.  The clutch is also new.  The car starts up smoothly and runs and drives excellent.  There are no strange noises and everything operates as it should.  All of the electronics also perform properly and the heat and A/C both work excellent.  It also has 4 brand new tires as you can see pictured below that still have the chalk lines on the tread.  All of the VIN tags are in place on the car. The exterior is in great shape.  The paint shines nicely.  The interior is nice and clean all of the fabric and upholstery are clean and this is a NON smokers car.  The car is from Texas so there is no rust or corrosion anywhere and it has always been garage kept.  If there are any further questions you have about the car please feel free to call me at 973-529-449(8).


  1. Wow, what a really nice one and such great GT cars. I worked for a race shop in the 80-90's that ran in various endurance series and Toyota gave us a Turbo and non-turbo to run. They were really well built, which made them heavy, and certainly could be made to make a lot more power. Not race cars though (we actually melted the brake pad backing plates during initial testing until we got cooling sorted), but should make a great weekend cruiser. Just keep the head torqued!

  2. Looks brand new inside and out.

  3. I've known three Mk3 Turbo owners who've cracked multiple heads on the 7M-GTE motor.

    Hopefully there's a fix now.

  4. Almost a star from space, but only before you take this star, you need to check "her history". Because anything can be, and it will be better to get rid of troubles before they begin. Take your VIN code, scan through and all you need in one minute you will see already.


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