Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Auction Watch: 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI

Check out this 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI here on eBay bidding for $6,969 with auction ending Sunday at 6:53PM PST.

 From eBay listing:

Item specifics

Condition: Used
Seller Notes: Excellent condition with few imperfections
Year: 1983 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1VWDC0175DV012851
Mileage: 63,361 Number of Cylinders: 4
Make: Volkswagen Transmission: Manual


Body Type: Hatchback
Engine: 1.8L Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Drive Type: FWD Vehicle Title: Clear
Options: Cassette Player Sub Model: GTI
Fuel Type: Gasoline Exterior Color: Silver
For Sale By: Private Seller Interior Color: Blue
Disability Equipped: No

 This is my Volkswagen 1983 Rabbit MK1 GTI which I am very sadly parting with due to changes in my life.  It is all original with no modifications or restorations.  It is one of the very few MK1 GTI's still around in excellent  condition.  ONLY 63,361 actual miles  It was manufactured in November of 1982, which makes it one of the first of the first generation of US made GTI's.

The original owner was a 73 year old gentleman bachelor who treated it like his only child.  I bought it 7 years ago when I was 48, so both owners/drivers were middle aged non-smokers who never raced or hot-rodded it.  It has been covered and garaged all its life when not in use. It's been a very pampered car.  The body is approximately 99% rust free. I have the original sales receipt, many of the service records, 2 sets of keys, owners manual, Haynes repair book, part of a can of original paint for touch-up. (see pic below)
It has:
 *  5 speed manual transmission
 *  1.8L engine 4 cyl.
 *  optional upgraded factory original VW AM/FM cassette radio
 *  Oil has been changed religiously every 3K miles
 *  Had new brakes a year ago, new brake hoses this year
 * New CV boots, joints, axle last year
 * Been totally checked out by VW mechanic
 * All hoses/vacuum hoses checked for leaks by VW mechanic "Pristine" (Air Cooled Engines Plus, Tiffin OH)
 * New exhaust
 * New Bosch injectors
 * New Bosch/Audi fuel filter
 * New Bosch plug wires/ distributor cap
 * No A/C or sunroof
 * Tires have 12K miles on them
 * No cracks on dashboard (see pic below)
 * No rips, tears, fading, or worn spots in the upholstery
 * Original Rabbit floor mats
 * All heater/defrost/blinkers/lights/vents work
 * The steering is still tight and very responsive.  It's a real joy to drive
 * Never been in an accident of any kind
 * The headliner, which comes detached with age, was very tastefully tacked up with matching blue button pins by the original owner (see pic below)
 * Has the shift-up light, which still works. (only available in the first half of '83)
 * Was rust proofed at time of purchase
 * A year ago, I put a coating of Rust Bullet on area below bottom trim pieces on both sides, under plastic wheel well covers, and in bottom of back parallel to tailpipe to take care of a couple surface rust spots and to protect it from       further rust in those vulnerable areas.  (It has been driven in winter by both owners sparingly and only when necessary)
  * Undercarriage is in very good condition, but does has some rust.  Nothing serious.
Imperfections - There are a few grease stains on carpet on passenger side. There when I bought it (see pic below)
 - Plastic trim piece from dash to ceiling on passenger side cracked and repaired (see pic below)
 - Vent handle on passenger side present but broken on inside. 
 - Black rope trim around passenger door unglued at lower left corner (see pic below)
 - Small hole in cloth side liner in hatch area on driver side (see pic below)
 - Crack in plastic trim piece beside VIN number beside windshield
 - Passenger side view mirror no longer adjustable from inside.  Cable inside door is broken.  Tucked up with black Plasticine;  manually adjusted.  I do have another mirror assembly from a junk yard if the new owner wants it.
 - Two small surface rust spots under logos on back hatch (see pics below)
 - Mechanically:
 * Cold starts are very reliable. 
 - Hot starts in warm weather tend to idle low and need a little extra gas for a few seconds to smooth out. Mechanic says it's a typical CIS issue. Owner's manual says this could be a symptom of ethanol in the fuel.
 - Depending on what kind of gasoline is being used, it has a tendency to jump/surge for about the first 5-10 miles before smoothing out. After smoothing out, it runs flawlessly.  E0 (non-ethanol) makes it jump less.  I use Shell super premium (93) when I can't get E0. (next to impossible in Ohio)   The mechanic thinks this intermittent surging is most likely from something sticking in the fuel Accumulator and should probably be replaced sometime in the future

Overall, this is an awesome car and I think the new owner will be quite happy with it.  I have really enjoyed having it and will miss it.  Good luck to everyone! Click here for walk-around and start up


  1. This is fantastic. I hope the price makes it to $7,995 which is the original base sticker price according to C&D. It is great to think these cars could defy the market after 33 years.

  2. The car that got away. I can't say it's the first car I fell in love with, but it's the car I should have married. I ended up shtupping a series of Saabs instead, and my lust for the GTI went unrequited.

    But, oh, to settle in to your rainbow-striped Recaro thighs and play with your tight little shifter again...

  3. What no sunroof or no ac, no fun.

  4. My first car was a Mk2, an '87. Still can't believe I sold it, almost impossible to find one that's not completely thrashed these days.

  5. Id want a slightly thrashed one, cause if i could find a decent mk1 or mk2 gti id have to thrash it and if feel bad if it was too nice. Its gti it shouldnt be driven gently. Its a car that should be squealing tires around every tight corner. It should be driven down the backroads even though it takes a little longer because it makes you smile a little more. Cars should be driven, great cars should be driven hard

  6. Hot damn! This one sold for $11,100.


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