Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Auction Watch: 1972 Ford Pinto

Take a look at this 1972 Ford Pinto here on eBay bidding for $2,025 with auction ending Sunday at 8:12PM PST.


From eBay listing:

Item specifics

Condition: Used
Seller Notes: Used but not abused.
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 2X10X192728 Year: 1972
Number of Cylinders: 4 Make: Ford
Transmission: Manual Model:


Body Type: Coupe Engine: 2.3 Liter
Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty Drive Type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear Mileage: 1,000,000
Fuel Type: Gasoline Exterior Color: Green
For Sale By: Private Seller Interior Color: Green
Disability Equipped: No

1972 Ford Pinto in very good original condition. Runs excellent. It has never been in an accident and has all of its original paint. The interior is also original, but it all needs redone. Just about everything works.

Options include but are not limited to:
2.3 liter engine with 2bbl carb.
4-speed manual transmission
Front disk brakes
Rack and pinion steering
Deluxe hub caps
Passenger side mirror
Aluminum drip rail moldings
A/C (but it's not hooked up).

See a video of the car with detailed description here on youtube.

Known problems include: Soft break pedal, no heat or A/C though it originally came equipped with both, at least one tire showing signs of dry rot, very worn interior, and cracked windshield.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges, but I am willing to help with what I can as far as delivering it to a transport etc. Car is just south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. As is sale. Please watch my youtube video and/or send your inspectors if needed.


  1. I stumbled on that one yesterday on CL, I think it needs too much interior work unfortunately. Love the two-tone color though

  2. 2.3 in a '72? Don't think so. It should be a 2.0, which is a much better engine anyway.

    Worth $2K or more even though I've never been a Pinto fan. Engine compartment's big enough for most sane swaps, if that's your thing.

    1. Oh wait, no way, that's a buttload of rust on that thing.

  3. If I was going to get a Pinto, I'd get this surf wagon in The 'bu


    1. Slushbox and woodgrain. Both can be fixed. Better choice than the rusty Ford of Canada sedan.

    2. Damn. I actually kinda really want that. It's so ugly it's cool.

    3. Go for it. Pinto chassis is simple-but-effective, lots of fenderwell room for rubber, etc.

    4. I'd keep the faux wood paneling, but yeah, 86 the auto-tragic.

  4. Well, I would say "Not bad, for one million miles". That is the first time I have ever seen rusty carpets, however.


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