Thursday, April 7, 2016

Auction Watch: 1969 Bond Equipe GT

Take a look at this 1969 Bond Equipe GT here on eBay bidding for $4,000 reserve-not-met with auction ending on Saturday at 7:53AM PST.

From eBay listing:

Item specifics

Condition: Used VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 4975
Year: 1969 Drive Type: RWD
Make: Other Makes Mileage: 83,690
Trim: manual Vehicle Title: Clear
Engine: petrol

1 series Bond Equipe GT convertible 1969 with overdrive

UK Title

need full restoration Service, floors with some rust and bonnet need some repairs.

The engine don´t start car is 99% complete

very nice car saved from the yard, price for sell it like he is.

check our web page

any information please contact us by message email or phone.

we will help loading & shipping worldwide


  1. My first thought was that it looks like a Spitfire under the hood, so I checked to see if this thing was Spitfire / Herald related. Sure enough, it seems to use a Triumph Herald frame. So at least it looks like it would be relatively easy to keep running with Spitfire parts.

  2. At first glance it looks as if could be the 2 ltr 6 from the GT6. There appears to be more than 4 ignition wires?

    Being a Brit car nut since I was about 10 years old, I admit I have never seen a Bond Equipe drop top. Sure would be the only one at your regional Brit Fest.

    As Matt points out, parts for these cars are plentiful and reasonable. Make friends with boat yard so they can lay up some new fiberglass for you.

    The EBay ad was already gone.

    1. Tom -- somehow I managed to mess up the link. Fixed it, you should be able to see the auction now.



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