Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Welcome To The Club: 1977 Ford Pinto

Until very recently, the Pinto was simply scrap metal on wheels. It was pilloried for its lack of build quality and its tendency to burst into flames upon impact. In the insane collector car world, it is difficult to determine if this car is gaining value in spite of these qualities or because of them.  Find this 1977 Ford Pinto here on eBay bidding for $6,801 in Parkersburg, IA with 2 days to go.

When does a car reach classic or collectible status?  This question can only be answered by buyers and their hard-earned cash.  In this case, a scruffy example has 60 bidders bidding up a $6,800 sum and the auction is still going.

Not much text is given in the ad except that it might have 55K on the odometer, it doesn't run well enough to drive, it needs exhaust, it has had a respray and the dash is cracked.  Sellers take note: brevity and honesty are your friends!

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Andy Liss is DailyTurismo's newest contributing writer and his bio is a work in process.

1 comment:

  1. Groovin'on the 7,000 RPM red line setting on the tach. I'd love to see the readings on a decibel meter at 7K. It would not impact forward motion, but sure as hell would make a bucket o' bolts thrash!

    Did people know about matching colors in 1977? The interior 117 shades of red.


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