Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Welcome Contributing Writer Andy Liss To DT

What would a website be without change?  Well...if you really want to know, head over to NSYNC's website, which looks like it hasn't been updated since Timberlake exposed whatsherface's breast during a Super Bowl halftime show...seriously the site has links to myspace pages...which for young whippersnappers in the audience, is like facebook but without decency and privacy!  Anyway...I'm getting off track here...oh yeah, back to business, I'd like to welcome DT's latest contributor, a man who needs little introduction because he has been tipping, commenting, and writing stories for Daily Turismo since about the last time NSYNC updated their website.   He is Andy Liss, DT's latest contributing writer.

Andy has a long background in terrible decisions that predates his recent addition to the team, but the sweet Olds 98 Diesel that he uses as a semi regular daily driver is something that requires no explanation.  Rumor has it he got it for free...which according to the newly formed Supreme Court plurality is more than a reasonable person would pay for one. 

Please welcome Andy to the team and say a prayer for the headgaskets on his LF9.


  1. The nsync website joke says alot about you...

    And hi new guy! I cant help but see a 4bt nv4500 swap in your future

    1. Thanks, Tim. The "paint shaker" is an awesome mill. I drove an 04 Silverado with a 4BT 5 speed about a year ago. It had plenty of power!

  2. Replies
    1. That reminds me, I need to check for bodies in the trunk of that Olds. Maybe next week.

  3. A hearty tribute to your contribute, Andy.


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