Saturday, March 12, 2016

Unfinished Kit: 1980 Bradley GT II

The ready-to-assemble kit car is the ultimate grown up version of the model car.  It might say skill level 77 on the side of the box (and you will need more than glue/paint) but the idea that you can play automotive assemblyman / engineer / bean counter on the weekends sounds fun to many.  Start your own collection with this 1980 Bradley GT II kit offered for $1,600 in Tacoma, WA via craigslist.

The seller says this would make a nice summer car -- some'er parts are over here...some'er over there.  Not sure where you'd find the glass, but presumably the Bradley uses glass from a donor car and it should be easy to find...I hope! 

See another unfinished kit for cheap?


  1. Actually the ad says it includes "misc glass". The video shows something inside that is protected by wood and cardboard. So maybe. Also, it seems to be sitting on something with wheels, although he never mentions that a VW platform is included. So maybe. The Bradley is not the ugliest of the kit cars from that era, so maybe this is a good find?

  2. most kit cars are someone else's dream car that he now wants to share and make some money with for all the work he had in designing the kit and making the body molds. Unfortantely, (luckily) I find most of them ugly. I think it is much cheaper and less stress on a marriage to build 1/10 scale models.

  3. The finished one doesn't look all that much better than this one..... Sadly, that's one homely car.

  4. Bobinott just wrote the most complimentary opinion on a Bradley, ever;

    "Bradley is not the ugliest of the kit cars from that era..................."

    Gracious words indeed!

  5. Bradley GT II uses a unique windshield that is commercially unavailable. Prospective buyers should be aware of that.


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