Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Steal This Volvo: 1962 Volvo 122

This next car was purchased by the seller as a daily driver for his/her daughter thinking it would be a good car for her to "tinker on"...but presumably they remember that millennials don't work on cars or even own/drive them and now they are selling to car to get her an Uber gift card [ed CFlo says: hey Vince, "Millenials" includes people who graduated high school around 2000 - I'm one of them...].  The car is ugly, but the price is right.  Find this 1962 Volvo 122 offered for $2,000 in Oceanside, CA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck. 

Production of the Jan Wilsgaard designed Volvo 122/Amazon started way back in 1956, but the frumpy 50s ponton three-box styling survived through the 1970 model year.  Can you imagine buying a 2002 model year styled vehicle new in the showrooms today...actually I might buy a new car if I could find something that doesn't have the current angry melted headlight treatment...but who am I kidding, I'd buy 50 junkers for before something new...but I'm getting off topic.

Under the hood is a B18 that pulls through a single Zenith carburetor to produce something around 75 horsepower, but it uses 12 volt electrics and can be upgraded for more power if you are into that kind of thing.  Unfortunately, this 122 engine isn't running -- let's take a look inside to see if we can figure it out.

What?  Somebody draped an American flag over the rear seats?  First up, this is not an appropriate use for old glory (and if you want to be classy, it's better to use one of those multicolored beach towels), but more importantly, if you want this old heifer to run, you need to use a Swedish flag (or perhaps the flag of Wilmington, DE in a pinch).  What do they teach in schools these days...

 See a cheaper way to start your Swedish collection? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. The best seat cover has to be the Mexican blanket. Can I say that or does it have another name now? Did I just commit a micro-aggression? I'm micro-sorry if I did.

  2. " angry melted headlight treatment." Nailed it. Same thing with motorcycles: I'm ANGRY! Extreme! Monster Energy Drink! Extreme!


    I also just learned that you can buy covers for your round headlamps to make them look angry as well.

  3. did no one look at the Cl ad and see the sticker in the back window "Loser". Why in the world would anyone buy a car that was just "tuned up" by a mechanic and now won't start and he says it might be cuased by ...

  4. "Can you imagine buying a 2002 model year styled vehicle new in the showrooms today..."

    well, early last year you could buy the last units of the first-gen XC90, released by the very same Volvo XC90 in 2002 :)

  5. Yeah. Those millenials suck.


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