Friday, March 25, 2016

Seller Submission: 1950 Mercury Custom Truck

As the dust settled from World War II, the guys at Ford started selling Mercury badged trucks in Canada (to take advantage of the large Lincoln-Mercury-Meteor dealer network), but today's Mercury pickup started life as a 1950 Mercury Eight sedan that has been El Camino'd, chopped, widened, slapped on a different chassis and customized.  Find this 1950 Mercury Custom Truck offered for $17,000 in Pawtucket, RI via craigslist. Seller submission from Greg.

My first thought when I saw this thing was -- wow, that is the strangest Mercury grill I've ever seen...except that it isn't -- the seller has done extensive modifications to this thing -- just read this part:  front fenders widened 3", chopped 5", 1957 Cadillac bumper and 1959 taillights, corvette grill, ford truck used for the back of the cab. 1955 Chevy bed fenders extended 11" on a custom bed with a custom tailgate that does not open. The wood bed does not lift up the frame and gas tank are located directly under it.

So, it is very customized from a cosmetic perspective, but what about the greasy parts -- here is where it gets good, the entire body is mounted in a '97 Mercury Grand Marquis chassis and it is powered by a Ford 4.6l Modular V8 that is mated to a 5-speed manual mated to a 3.27 posi 8.8" out back -- this thing is wicked.

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  1. Wicked cool. Except for cruising with your arm out the window smoking a Camel, the application of the cool is zilch. But that is the wrong way to look at a car like this.

    I am so uncool that except for admiring the concept, and this iteration as eye candy, I wouldn't know what to do with it after the first few miles.

  2. Cool truck. Soooo close to perfect in my eyes. Maybe wasp out the wheels for Detroit Steel models. There are a few unsettling lines. The back of the cab and the back of the bed have different angles. The cab roof is angled yet the bed and hood are flat. Maybe chop and drop the front of the hood to match the angle as it would be hard to remove the angle from the cab roof.

  3. It is on a Grand Marquis chassis. There is NO WAY I could have left that 4.8L in there. I have been dreaming about putting a Roush Coyote in one of those, or its twin, the Ford Crown Vic. Maybe I should buy this, swap a few suspension parts, upgrade the brakes, strap a coyote in there. Then it would be wicked...LOL Shallowest bed I have ever seen. Great build, Greg. GLWTS, and congrats to the new owner, whomever it turns out to be..


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