Thursday, March 31, 2016

'Murica: 1954 GMC 250 Dump Bed Pickup

There are few things more American than a classic pickup....especially one that has a modified inline-6 pushing power to the rear wheels, a wood sided custom dump bed, and a Bald Eagle covered in Old Glory bursting from the hood.  Prepare yourself for a healthy dose of freedom.  Find this 1954 GMC 250 Dump Bed Pickup here on eBay bidding for $3,050 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go, located in Manchester, TN.

A word to the wise -- if you show up in Manchester and ask a Volunteer State local if he is a City or United fan -- you might find yourself picking bits of 2x4 out of your teeth.  But after your geography lesson, you'll be the best of friends and drink cold Budweiser from a bottle while writing "Football is a full contact sport" one hundred times on a chalkboard.  Then, you will be ready to gaze upon the awesome that is this GMC pickup.

Under the hood is a 262 cubic inch inline-6 that has been bored 30 over (that's 30 thousandths of an inch), equipped with a 3/4 cam (that's half way between a street cam and a race cam FWIW), fed via 3 single barrel carbs on an aluminum (not to be confused with aluminium) Offenhauser manifold, and exhausted via a tri-power manifold.  It isn't as powerful as a V8 setup, but it sure looks cool under the hood and ticks the "different" box.

Overall, this truck looks good on the inside and out -- even the dump/tilt bed looks well thought out. It is perhaps a little too nice to use as a manure hauler for your family farm, but it could be a fun weekend toy that could haul a vintage racer to the track.

 See a more patriotic car?


  1. A Trumpian DUALLY for the times

  2. The dump bed is for dumpin' furriners RIGHT BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM!!1!

    Cue music...

    ♪♫ America, F*** YEAH ♪♫

  3. I am groovin' on the tri-power. That big six must be very cool to drive. Paint and jingoistic decals 'taint my taste, but that's why they have guys who paint stuff.

    Neat old truck. Put a cool removable camper unit on it and tour sports car tracks on your coast this season.


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