Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mid Week Match-Up BONUS ROUND: NA Miata for Jay Lamm

It's Thursday, which means time for the, wait a tapdancin' minute, it's a special bonus round of Mid Week Match-Up! This is the game where a willing victim volunteer gets their automotive fate decided for them by angry hordes of bloodthirsty DT readers, er, nice sane people like you. This time we have a request for help from the Chief Perp of the 24 Hours of LeMons, everybody's favorite endurance racing series for $500 cars. That's right, the god-daddy of crapcan racing himself, THE Jay, has asked for our help to find a 1st-generation Mazda Miata. In his own words below, Jay is looking for...

Jay (in an inmate orange shirt on right) at the inaugural 24 Hrs of LeMons race at Altamont in 2006.
He's assisting an angel who is welding a training wheel to our Black Iron Racing E28 535i.

Sweet! First gen, preferably 1.6, pref not red, in sound, not-overly-f***ed-with condition.
Shouldn't be perfect--it'll live at the beach and get lots of use and I basically just don't give a rat's ass--but not typical hammered-Miata peeling and super dented.
Interior doesn't really matter, package doesn't really matter. Neat color like BRG or metallic blue preferred but not necessary....

Seems like Jay is hunting for a particular breed of quasibeater Miata. 1990 to 1993 model year. Scruffy, rough around the edges, PATINA - maybe. But stanced out by a pimply-faced burger jockey, or beat to crap on the track - nope. Knowing Jay's MO, it will need to be cheap as well, so no golf course concours-winning zero mile "example" either. I'm going out on a limb and assuming the closer to the San Francisco Bay Area, the better.

To kick it off, I'm going to suggest this British Racing Green '91 with 128k miles on craigslist in San Jose, CA for $2400. Of course the only photos shown were taken at night at a gas station - perfect! This was posted by someone who needs to sell their car quickly. The BRG has some maintenance needs but also a few upgrades and seems pretty decent overall...caveat emptor.

What can you find for Jay? Post links in the comments below!

CFlo is Daily Turismo's co-founder and Technical Editor. When he's not driving an "emissions spewing" TDI he's underneath a Volvo, on top of a Land Cruiser, cursing at a broken BMW, or driving the piss out of a crapcan race car. And that's all before 10AM.


  1. Ha - $1100 -

    The purple nurple - $2800 -

    Maroon? 3450 -

    And the winner, but in red - $350 -
    I have a 1991 Mazda Miata that has been in a front end collision. Beyond the collision it's been a great car, it still starts fine and I'd keep it if we had the means or know-how to make the necessary repairs. We would like to sell it as a whole for parts. Price is negotiable.

    1. The nurple -

    2. Nah, forget everything above - go for the Z3 conversion - $2600

    3. [img][/img]

    4. One last one since I can't help myself -
      Pros/Add ons/Mods
      Front aero (aerodynamic) lip
      Marker light air intake / LED marker and blinker lights
      Driver side head light fresh air intake
      Heat extractors on hood / also adds aerodynamics and down force
      Front fenders have been cut and shaped to help and add aerodynamics
      Recent new windshield
      Small rear tail added and air flow vents added to help in down force.
      Rear bumper facade cut for better air flow and down force (ready for diffuser)
      Bottom of doors have been plasti-dip (protective coating)
      Have all interior parts not installed on car in a box
      Transmission is out of newer spec Miata race car
      Rear diff is Torsen LSD
      New coil overs (this car sits a 1" lower in front and 1/2" lower in rear than stock, I.E. it's now level)
      Racing steering wheel and quick release 10 point locking NRG racing HUB
      Hard Dog Roll bar -- Allows hard and soft top and any window available for soft top
      (M1 Hard Core (Hard Dog) bar is designed for the serious SCCA Solo I competitor)
      Side mirrors moved forward for better driver viability and aerodynamics
      Custom wheels and 85% to 90% on tires
      Driving lights

      1.5 stock
      2.5 exhaust
      new coil pack
      exhaust muffler tip
      air flow around radiator and engine improved
      new exhaust O2 sensor
      high performance plugs and wires
      new head gasket
      valve cover painted
      engine compartment cleaned up
      just did oil change
      weight saving -- car weight less then 2k lbs.

      Cons/The bad and ugly
      Soft top rear window got tear, is taped and is water protective/resistant
      Drivers fender is not the same color as car and is wrinkled.
      Drivers seat shows wear
      Could use alignment
      Passenger window roller does not work,
      but window goes up and down (manual)

      Willing to see trades of 4 cylinder small trucks or motorcycles with cash added by you.
      Title in hand -- WA plates/Tags good tell July
      Asking price is $3800, OBO

    5. The first one even has speed holes!

    6. I'm getting so tired of the WA tabs god 'til comments in CL ads. In WA as soon as you transfer ownership you have to buy new tabs, the days of tabs are good 'til XXX went away when the legislature decided to squeeze more blood from the turnips vs. prioritizing and cutting (*gasp*) spending.

  2. Here's another '91 BRG with 145k on it in Puyallup, WA for $3,500. Seller says it's unmodified and wants to find a buyer that keeps it that way.


  3. Jay -- Here is a '95 MX-5 R-Package.


    No asking price, but if he wants too much, then buy this 77 AMC Pacer and park it in front of his house. Demand a lower price in exchange for moving the Pacer. Step 4. Profit



  4. Zach wins, cause it has an air intake in the headlight... i stopped looking at everything else when i got to that. Dont drive at night, and dont turn cause the turn signals are air vents too. Awesome.

  5. Zach wins, cause it has an air intake in the headlight... i stopped looking at everything else when i got to that. Dont drive at night, and dont turn cause the turn signals are air vents too. Awesome.

  6. That's all you've got guys?

    Read the criteria above...keep searching! Jay has done more for the cheap car hobby than the rest of us combined, so let's help him out.

    1. Jay -

      I liked reading your column in Sports Car International back in the day. Loved the Godzilla Defense Force RX-2.

  7. 1990 Marine Blue with 32x,xxx km in Vancouver area. 1990 Miata $3300 CAN

  8. How about this in Seattle.

  9. Yellow for 1500?

  10. Scruffy white '91 in Portland with 260K miles for $1,500

    White '90 in Portand with 160K miles for $2,850

    '90 Smurf with FLAMES in Boring, OR for $3,200


  11. Replies

      I screwed up the link somehow


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