Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Future Gold: 1987 Porsche 924S

Someday in the future the Porsche 924 will be a collectible.  It might not happen this week, or even in the next decade, but at some point in time even the Audi-powered 924 will be worth something to somebody.  In the meantime, you can enjoy picking up low mile nice-looking examples for dirt cheap, like this 1987 Porsche 924S offered for $6,000 in Sacramento, CA via craiglist.

The Porsche 924 was released in 1976 as the first Porsche with a water-cooled front-mounted engine -- and it was a good car.  Yes, the early cars were slow and powered by a 2.0 liter VW/Audi/NSU sourced 4-cylinder engine, but starting in 1986 Porsche equipped the 924 with the 2.5 liter engine from the 944 and added an S to the name.

 The 2.5 liter Porsche engine is see here is basically half of the Porsche 928 5.0 liter V8 or a detuned version of the 944 engine.  Power is rated at 150 horsepower in the 924, but it was quicker to 60mph than the 944 because it was a lighter car.  Power goes to a 5-speed transaxle mounted at back that gives the little 924 an excellent front-rear weight distribution. 

I once wrote that the nicest 924S was sort of like the curliest hair on a moose's ass or the tallest midget at a circus convention -- but I take it back.. These are sweet cars and should be worth considerably more than a Porsche 912 when the fiz dies down from the shaken coke bottle that is the classic Porsche market...but if salvage titles don't scare you, this could be a winner.

See a cheaper way to cruise around in a Porsche?


  1. Loved mine. Bought it for $2250 back in 1986 from a car salesman who was getting kicked out of his apt. He needed rent.

    I always thought of my '24 as an aerodynamic Volkswagen. Not a lot of pickup (I had the base model with a slush box). But it was my first "porch". Soon to be replaced by a 944. Both great drivers.

    Neither were popular (or even considered Porsches by the air coolers). But I didn't care. I loved 'em.

    -Stan (...the *other* Stan)

  2. I've often wondered what the real, tangible differences would be between a 924S and an 8V non-turbo 944. Sure, the 944 looks meaner with the wide body and has a nicer interior, but which is the better driver?

    1. i seem to recall reading they are nearly identical in most respects, but i'd sure like to hear from someone with firsthand experience - i honestly prefer the minimalist, practically unfinished look of the 924, especially in two-tone silver/blue - the 944 is almost too good looking, to the point where i worry the car might be more about being pretty than purposeful

    2. I'm much more a fan of the 944 shape, the 924/924S was just too pretty, too smooth.

    3. you think the 924 was too pretty? - next to the 944, i think the 924 looks like it's missing something - i suppose you would say it looks like something was glommed onto the 944 - potato/potahto, tomato/tomahto, let's buy one of each and go for a drive ;)

  3. I have that exact model in good driver condition. A lot of fun if you dont need high horse power or to win your class at the local autocross. A wonderful sound for a 4 cylinder, good handling and great brakes. Sporty and flingable yet comfortable on the highway. I doubt it will eve be valuable given how many 924/944s still out there and things definitely stop working on a 30 yr old car. But its a cheap yet classy ticket to fun and other people, including some with those rear engine thingys, enjoy seeing it.

  4. I have a 1988 924S SE which is the special edition as in light and fast. It has the 160 HP 944 motor, sunroof deleted, cloth interior, manual windows, warm AC, and the adjustable lowered suspension. the problem with these is that it is difficult to know how many miles are on it since it has the interior of the early 944 with 5-digit odometer. CHECK the CARFAX before buying! Mine is a ball to drive, handles great and would make a fun track car with minor mods. It is my second 924S, I hated my first, love this one! Don't buy one with a slush box unless you plan to change it, it is a totally different car then.

  5. Seems that most of the negative comments on here are from people who lack knowledge and can't afford a well, properly maintained 924S! Many claim to have low miles, but when you know what to look for and lack of proof of proper maintanence is not available, you clearly can tell that a clean interior does not mean its a solid mechanical and over all car. Odometer gears failed quickly due to cheap plastic, the replacement gears are better quality and proof from a reputable shop is important for accuracy. The 924S is faster than the 944, more aerodynamic and lighter in weight! Not many were produced for the U.S. market. Value has gone up about $1,100 since last year for above average condition cars and the favorable 5spd, according to Hagerty collector car Insurance, not to mention no.1 and no.2 cars demand a higher premium. In just a few months the 1987 924S turns 30 years old and becomes an antique! Keep your eyes peeled and watch what may happen. Well balanced 50/50 weight distribution and with the patented balance shaft designed from Mitsubishi makes for a smooth running engine, if your 924S is not smooth running then something is wrong! Very reliable car, good on gas and with modern tires it will surprise you how well it handles. The more 944 and 924S cars end up in the hands of kids who rag them out or end up in junk yards, the higher the value will be on low mileage, well documented examples! It's a classic an antique and a Porsche!WERKS REUNION 2016 CELEBRATES ALL WATER COOLED PORSCHE CLASSICS! COMING UP SOON!


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