Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cheap Daily Driver: 1995 Acura Legend

I can't see how you could go wrong with an Acura Legend coupe offered for less than the going rate of a timing belt service on the average car.  It might not get you front row parking at the valet, but neither will your "Final 500 Edition" Oldsmobile Alero, and this thing will start every time you turn the key.  Find this 1995 Acura Legend offered for $2,000 in Grand Rapids, MI via craigslist.

Sometimes you don't need a car that is the fanciest thing on the block, or a car with an LS1 motor attached to each wheel...this is one of those cars.  Slushbox automatic, heater works, power windows, doors, CD/Bluetooth radio. 

See a better daily driver for cheap?


  1. Such great basic styling and balance.
    Before the "surfacing" trend of doing body lines just to be different.

    1. It just needs some stickers and stance.

      HAHA! Please don't!!

  2. Just got back from the southeast - saw so many of these rolling around the various retirement communities.

  3. If only it had a manual transmission

  4. A 20+ year old Honda from Michigan on Craigslist with no rust? Seems legit.

  5. This has bullshit embossed across it. Beautiful example of a mediocre car on CL for a month at $2K?

    Some enterprising Uzbekastanian wants your info so they can free up their fortune being safely held in a bank in Nigeria.

  6. Agreed with the commentary on the car, and agreed with the collective wisdom of the commentariat. Spidey senses tingling on the CL ad.

  7. So here's what I was talkin' about -

    $1500 with 64k mi


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