Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cheap Classic: 1963 MG MGB

This next car is how I like to start my classic restoration projects. The car runs, the floorboards aren't Swiss cheese and I don't have to clean any raccoon nests from the engine bay, the asking price is just a smidge above scrap value, and the seller doesn't seem the type to force me to rub the lotion on the skin (or get the hose again).  Find this 1963 MG MGB offered for $2250 in Lake Seminole, FL (hopefully in the town of Lake Seminole...not actually in the lake). Tip from FuelTruck.

Out of the millions of sub $2500 cars on craigslist offered on any given weekday, you don't find them like this very often.  Frankly, this car/listing reminds me of the days when you thumbed through newspaper classifieds or autotrader magazines and found good stuff offered not by Nigerian royalty, fast talking flippers whose hands stink of Armor-All, and CAPT. CAPSLOCK nuts, but by honest folks who just wanted the pile of metal off their lawn for a few bucks.

If the advert disappears, here is the entire text: 1963 MGB - good body - solid floors - like new cloth convertible top - very good interior - engine runs - transmission is a Toyota 5speed shifter needs repair. - wire wheels! - bring a trailer - great easy restoration project! Georgia car no title required! 

It doesn't get any better than this.  Sure, the engine (or gearbox?) needs repairs, but this is an MGB, not a Jaguar and you can fix it on the side the road with a pair of rusty vice grips and some bailing wire.

See a better way to pickup a cheap classic for your weekend motoring?


  1. Buy of the month!! Already snatched.

  2. 63 pull handle Bs are my favorite. Clean and uncluttered.

  3. 63 pull handle Bs are my favorite. Clean and uncluttered.

  4. Gone. Dang... It wasn't me, promise.

  5. Someone had no idea what they had. Someone else had a very good idea what he now has.

    1. dang it,,, that wasn't even far from me.


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