Tuesday, March 29, 2016

C-Note: 1975 Custom C Cab Three Wheeler

Back before the rise of video games, young male gearheads spent many hours building plastic models of cars.  Monogram had a popular series of hot rod customs by famed designer Tom Daniel. I spent many hours myself building his creations like The Red Baron, Paddy Wagon and Bad Medicine.  In a fit of nostalgia a while back, I bought a copy of Bad Medicine off eBay and built it.  For this guy a 1/24 scale custom based on a C Cab wasn't enough.  Find this 1975 Custom C Cab Three Wheeler for sale in Buckley, WA for $9,500 via craigslist.

Unlike most of Tom Daniel's plastic creations, this one is powered by an unidentified 2.3 liter Ford four cylinder with a rebuilt bottom end and new head within the last month.  I assume that since the ad lists it as a 1975, it's a Pinto motor.

Inside there is room for you and a friend or two.  No seat belts for anyone though.  Would you wear a helmet or a skid lid if you drove/rode in this?

Inside, it's the 1950's meets 2016 with a classic steering wheel, backup cameras doing duty as rear view mirrors and what looks like a digital dash along with a contemporary stereo.  Watch the shifter between your legs.

The ad says it runs and drives good and has a clean WA title.  It also comes with plenty of patina and doesn't look like it needs much in the way of finishing.  It's not really my cuppa, but I have to applaud the builders vision and wherewithal to see it thru to a running custom.  Seems like CL is littered with lots of incomplete/abandoned projects and fewer that make it to the finish line (or at least within a couple of blocks of it).

See a better custom that doesn't need a tube of Testors? email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com

Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent.  He prefers Pactra over Testors.


  1. Ummmm. Wow. I can only guess that they drove it once and found the handling to be "exciting" and decided to sell it.

  2. What a spectacular way to die! And you can take two others with you.

    I normally HATE trikes, but for some reason I dig this one. Thinking so far outside the box that the box is no longer in sight.

  3. Can you say "Weight Transfer" ??? I can't imagine that raked frontend would stand too many wheelies.

    1. ^this. Plus what Al said about the handling, i cant even imagine the understeer. I hope its an open diff or it'll be all the worse

  4. Sh*t, it is really April first already. I must have had another blacked-out weeks.

  5. It's a dualie? It probably had wide slicks in the rear originally. Now???

  6. Is it still for sale I'll buy it all that negative talk means nothing to me I want it

  7. Is it still for sale I'll buy it all that negative talk means nothing to me I want it


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