Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Auction Watch: 1974 MG MGB GT

Checkout this1974 MG MGB GT here on eBay offered for $9,900 located in Clinton Township, Michigan.

 Okay...I know...this isn't an auction...but car for a reasonable price.


  1. Nice, but they kind of picked the wrong year to restore. The early (late 60's) cars have more charm and more valuable.

    1. looks like all the other pre-bumper cars. The '74 should have a big-ass front bumper, but this one's been cleaned up?

      I dunno. I'm in California, anything '75 or earlier is worth some money to retrofit to the Good Old Days.

      There is, however, a bill floating its way toward the state legislature to move the threshold to '81. That would open up a whole universe of E12 BMWs, early Fox Mustangs, Saab 99s/900s, to forever-love.

      This being California, I don't expect jack-uh-feces, we're under the thumb of the eco-statists, but I will do the usual faxing and etc.

  2. I like this car a lot and I think it would make a respectable driver because that's the level of the "restoration". That paint isn't great, so you wouldn't sweat a couple of rock chips. I think the price is a little strong, but it is being sold by a dealer.


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