Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Auction Watch: 1970 Ford Torino GT 429 Super Cobra Jet

Impress your friends with this 1970 Ford Torino GT 429SCJ  here on eBay bidding for $13,500 reserve-not-met with auction ending on Thursday.


  1. Pretty car as, maybe, an investment.

    Lousy piece of long-nosed, sloppy-steering, bench-seated, short-geared garbage to actually DRIVE.

    Lose the slapper bars, guys...

  2. "Lousy piece of long-nosed, sloppy-steering, bench-seated, short-geared garbage to actually DRIVE."

    The only thing "lousy" and "garbage" here is your obnoxious comment, Chinamen.

    Hop in your rice burner and get lost.

    1. Please delete this. Bigotry and Racism doesn't belong on DT

    2. who knew Don Blankenship was a DT reader...

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