Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Auction Watch: 1970 Datsun Roadster KA24DE Power

Take a close look at this 1970 Datsun Roadster KA24DE Power here on eBay bidding for $11,211 reserve-not-met with auction ending on Thursday.


  1. i don't know much about these kinds of things, but that cannot possibly be the stock engine, can it? - hm, suppose i could click on the auction... sure enough, it's the venerable KFC123LOL or whatevs - that's got to be a lot of fun to drive, i bet, but is it a "collectible" with such a transplant?

  2. These are a hoot to drive with the original powerplant. Think MGB power meets Sprite chassis. I'm thinking the up-rated engine will make this one jump from fun to scary pretty quickly, but nice to see brakes and suspension also uprated.

    My recommendation is to install a cage (or that half-hoop included with the auction) and go to an instructional track day / defensive driving course to get a feel for it.

    A note on collectibility. With all of that diamond plate, the engine swap, custom/aftermarket dash, interior, seats (etc) this one isn't so much as collectible as it is a good driver / weekend / track day toy.

  3. This car sold on BaT for $7k not too long ago.


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