Thursday, February 18, 2016

When Life Gives You A Lemon: 1982 Ferrari Mondial

The Ferrari Mondial was launched in 1980 with Pininfarina styling and 2+2 seating in a mid-engine layout. Nominally the Mondial would have a body-on-frame setup with a Carrozzeria Scaglietti built steel body sitting on top of a steel box-section spaceframe that is connected to the engine / transmission / suspension...if you had those things.  Find this 1982 Ferrari Mondial project offered for $3,500 in Middle Island, NY via craigslist.  Tip from Greg.

The more I read this advertisement, the more I am convinced that this is just the body without the spaceframe -- but that doesn't matter because you aren't going to restore this thing to its former least in a conventional sense.  

The original 3.0 liter V8 putting out 208 horsepower sounds lame on paper, but those Ferrari engines always sound glorious...however, the logical thing to do is to drop this body on a Fiero GT chassis with supercharged V6. I'd say that if you really want to impress the judges at the next 24 Hrs of LeMons event, drop this on a VW Beetle pan and run the cheatiest Beetle engine you can find.  Although...I do wonder what other cars have a 104 inch wheelbase...

See a better pile of rusty Ferrari for your garage?


  1. Hahahahahaa.. I'd rather have the MGB with the hardtop ....what a pile.

  2. If anyone wants me to take a look and a test drive, it is only 15 minutes from me. I am sure the gent won't mind pulling me around the block a few times. Just let me know.

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  4. I actually like the styling of these cars, and with a 104" wheelbase, I can think of a lot of things to drop this body onto....

    Audi R8 (I'd try finding a rollover or vandalized one at salvage auction)
    Enzo and 458 Italia are roughly 104" as well...obviously they would be too pricey even rolled in a ball, but it would still be cool (and hilarious)
    Fiero is an obvious choice due to how cheap they are and the plethora of engine, trans, and suspension combos. I know Fiero just sounds like junk, but if these days the serious kit car guys weld in new front and rear subframes (such as front subframe with C5 brakes, spindles, A-arms, etc.....tubular rear subframe with F1 type inboard coil over suspension set up for longitudinal engine and Audi or Porsche transaxle). Stock Fieros are easy to stretch, and if you do a tubular rear subframe you can install it at the proper wheelbase needed.
    Factory Five GTM is 101", it looks like it could be stretched another 3" fairly easily.
    Porsche Boxster - harder to lengthen than a tube chassis car or a Fiero, but they are so cheap yet still fairly new with nice interiors and great performance. There are shops out there that will stretch them for $500.

    Lots of kit car manufacturers are using newer front engine (a lot of FWD ones too)donor cars for practicality and low maintenance, lower operating costs etc. I don't care for it much, part of the whole experience with exotics (to me) is hearing the engine screaming behind you. The Chevy Cobalt (the SS is no slouch either, but still I can't get behind the idea of a FWD sports car or exotic lookalike), The 7th gen Toyota Celica, the Nissan 350z, and the Sebring are all the same or within an inch or so of the Mondial.

    One of the best choices for this body would be to check the kit car forums/ebay/craigslist for partial builds or unfinished Diablo or other Lambo projects. I have seen some really nice Diablo chassis with motor and trans, everything hooked up and running for great prices over the years. Wheelbase is just about spot on too.

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