Monday, February 22, 2016

What Am I? Door Jam

Welcome back to another lively episode of What Am I? -- the only Monday morning game that will get you to forget about the office for a few minutes.  Here we have a picture of a car part, and you get to tell us the make/model of that car. Easy...right?

What Am I?  Comments below.


  1. It looks Italian with American iron crank and opener. It's nothing I found in a half hour. Rats.

  2. Custom interior on an older Karmann Ghia?

    Sorry, I found an image that looks very similar, but it's tooo beeeeg.


  3. Sorry guys, not a Ghia, & not Italian.

  4. It's a studebaker. Looks like a 53-54 Lowey coupe, but likely a lower price champion model. The higher price Commander had embossed striping below the metal trim line. Could also be the sedan version.

  5. Here is the commander door panel. I hope this isn't too big (phrasing) [img][/img]

    1. Ding, ding, ding -- we have a winner! Greg, great job, this is indeed the door panel from a Studebaker Champion found here on eBay.


  6. Arm rest or something to throw @ a roadrage Target.... Studebaker was a head of the times Avanti first American with front disc brakes 1963-4


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