Monday, February 1, 2016

Seller Submission: 1990 Volvo 745 Wagon

This next car comes as a seller submission from Mike W who writes:
This is a car that I originally found in Richmond VA two years ago through DT.  It needed a whole lotta love to get it back to where it needed to be, but there was a great foundation to work with.  It had me at Fuel injection, stick shift, RWD v8 volvo.
Find this 1990 Volvo 745 Wagon offered for $10,000 in Garner, NC via craigslist.

Mike continues with a list of recently fixed items:
...entire fuel system tank to rails, manual crank sunroof swap, new full length exhaust, AC work, full cloth interior swap from a nice donor car, new paint, new shoes, custom one piece drive shaft and on and on.  Been having a great time with it since.  One shockingly fast little wagon and most definitely not a sloppy,carbureted Frankenstein.  The original builder started with a Ford Motorspsorts high perf crate motor and brand new world class T-5, not a warmed over salvage yard special.   I just swapped out a weeping Fomoco power steering pump and the shop remarked just how smooth this car runs.   No leaks whatsoever now.
I won't be heartbroken to keep it a while if it doesn't sell for what I'm asking, but looking for somebody who appreciates a well done swap with parts that work In a fun low profile package (until they hear the large bore flowmasters).  And especially if they are Volvo people. Heck, if people don't even consider just what it takes to make all the stock dash gauges  work with a very different drivetrain, they should probably stick to looking at available color options on the new Camry.....

This thing looks sorted and ready to.  Got your own flying brick to sell? Send it here:


  1. Wow I want this. There's a chance I'll be moving to VA this summer (this thing would never be legal here in CA) and if that materializes I'll be contacting you, Mike, to see if you still have this baby for sale!

  2. I've always encouraged people to buy stuff like this that doesn't need sorting, because that's where the time and $$ come in. This car makes me homesick for Michigan and no smog checks!!

  3. This thing is magical. 9/10. -1 because I can't afford it haha. Working Air Con? I haven't had a 700/900 with working A/C since the 90's... and those were all stock driveline cars. I can't imagine the asspain required to get the A/C running in a swapped car.

  4. Pardon the ignorance here... despite having owned a number of these cars that most people would find unreasonable, I've never seen a non-turbo... what's that gauge in the upper-right of the dash? In turbos that's the "boost" gauge.

  5. Top right is the oil pressure gauge. Excellent Letterman story reference FTB
    By the way, yeah, most likely wouldn't pass smog test but most states don't require emissions testing on a 26 year old car anyway. I feel for my gearhead brethren in the Golden State.

  6. many thanks to DT! just updated the CL add text.


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