Wednesday, February 24, 2016

S-Klasse-Einspritzmotor-Coupé: 1983 Mercedes-Benz 380SEC C126

The C126 generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe was a  massive luxury grand tourer with an abbreviated name -- the SEC (short for S-Klasse-Einspritzmotor-Coupé).  The previous generation S-Class was only available in 4-door configuration, but with the 1981 release of the C126, mobsters luxury buyers looking for a 2-door sedan had another choice besides the Eldorado and Coupe DeVille.  Find this 1983 Mercedes-Benz 380SEC C126 offered for $2,500 in Gresham, OR via craigslist.

The SEC name wasn't the best choice for Mercedes-Benz when they launched the car, because most of the 1% were likely to be under the careful watch of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)...but nevertheless, Mercedes-Benz sold over 11,000 examples of the 380SEC from 1981-1985.

Under the hood is an M116 V8 that puts out 155 horsepower and 198 ft-lbs of torque from 3.8 liters. The single overhead cam, 2-valves per cylinder engine isn't the most power-dense thing on the block, but it works okay in a cruiser.

The interior of the big coupe is a nice medium blue with a few pieces of faux real wood accent.  This era of Mercedes-Benz is known for long lasting interior -- particularly beefy is the MB-Tex non-leather seat option.

See another classic Benz that comes with a free parts car?


  1. Wow. All these years I assumed the 380 was a 6cyl.
    The car looks fantastic, but I prefer the non-polished wheels. At this price it's pretty much in the "Why the hell not" territory. Now, if only I could convince my wife...

    1. It may be blasphemous but at this price for such a solid example it might be a perfect candidate for a LS swap for better power and efficiency.

  2. Most any mechanical attention short of an oil change is going to cost more than the car.

    It is only February, but this shoots to the top of the "Best Buy Per Pound" honors!

    1. So true. I had a '68 230sedan that I loved, but, Dear God were the parts expensive. That said, it was amazing that the dealership wouldn't even look at you funny if you walked in and asked for a part for a (at the time) 25 year old car was amazing.

      I still have a deep desire for this car. Just look at it, it's lovely. Thankfully I'm married and she helps me level-headed enough to keep from adopting all the charming strays I find.

    2. Would anyone happen to know a website that compiles and compares the prices of parts between models? I feel like that would be an incredibly popular site.

    3. Balls -- I've thought I should include some pricing for commonly replaced parts for each car featured -- front brake pads, window regulator, & radiator (for instance) just to give folks a feel for relative costs. Lemme work on that. Could be labor intensive unless I automate it.

      Yes, this is a bulk buy of the week!


  3. this car with a manual transmission is my holy grail - good thing they never produced it - there are legends about one-offs and custom builds, but the searching I did on that a few years ago never came up with an authentic sighting - might have to take another deep dive see what's churned up from sea floor

    1. Ok, not quite the same but how about a 300CE 24Valve with manual?


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