Monday, February 15, 2016

Presidents' Day: 1995 Renegade Custom Trike

If history has taught us anything, it's that military generals don't make very good presidents.  A general is accustomed to obtaining objectives through the use of superior firepower -- and that doesn't always translate well to the nuanced political landscape, but several generals did end up in the White House, including Dwight D. Eisenhower.  However, the meat that makes up a politician and military man are very different, sort of like the difference between a V8 muscle car and a motorcycle, but put them together and you get this 1995 Renegade Custom Trike here on eBay bidding for $4,100 reserve-not-met located in St George, UT.

Ike was extremely popular after his success in Europe as the Supreme Allied Commander and Operation Overlord, but for politics he was once rumored to have said he couldn't imagine being wanted for any political job "from dogcatcher to Grand High Supreme King of the Universe." It is likely that the Chevy V8 in this thing never imagined it would sit on top of a motorcycle fork either...

The Black Widow is not ordinary trike...not that any trike is ordinary...but it features power from a small block V8 mated to a turbo 350 slushbox.  It will probably go faster than your frontal lobe will ever let you take it and maneuvers at speed will be as predictable as climbing up slide a covered in mayonnaise.

See another motorized casket?


  1. Really more like "Crack Widow" I reckon.

  2. This one has a Munsters/Addams Family vibe to it.

  3. On the generals/presidents thing - let's see here, off the top of my head...Washington, Jackson, WH Harrison, the four post-Civil-War Presidents (Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur), TR (sorta), then Eisenhower - there's a couple clangers in there but the list is probably better than the Presidential average.

    As for these trikes...they just all suck.


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