Monday, February 15, 2016

Mark of the Beast: 1986 Volkswagen Quantum Syncro Wagon

Words and tip by Andy L: The ancient annual festival of Syncro de Mayo is still painfully far away.  We are still talking about Snowmageddon, polar vortexes and winter storms so crappy that they even have names for them now.  And while we are awaiting the end of winter, a beast has arrived that may not only signal the end of your winter woes, but of the end of times.  It has 4 wheel drive, 5 cylinders, 5 speeds and a license plate featuring the mark of the beast.  Find this 1986 Volkswagen Quantum Syncro Wagon offered for $2,500 in South Lincoln, NE via craigslist.

If you can get beyond the Biblical omens, which could have been smitten with a well placed thumb, you may just have yourself a driving, solid example of a beast getting more rare by the day.  Most of these have been vanquished to the hoary nether-regions due to corrosion, but this one seems to have survived okay. There is the little matter of the stratospheric odometer reading, but this Syncro seems to be destined to last until the rapture.       

See another guy who is selling one of his 10-15 cars (how could you not know the exact count?)?

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  1. I'm pretty good at copy editing so I thought I'd take a crack at refining the Craigslist ad provided for this vehicle:

    - Here are two pictures of wheels you will not get.
    - I will not tell you if the Cruise Control works.
    - Price is firm. I will not let you pay me for the car.
    - I've got another car. I will not tell you about it.
    - I do not know how many cars I own.

    Someone needs to buy this car -- er, barter for this car -- because the world need to know more about this vehicle and the VW enthusiast currently caretaking it. Seems like an interesting vehicle and an even more interesting seller!


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