Monday, February 15, 2016

Gravy Train: 1925 Pullman Erie 400, JP Morgan's Personal Rail Car

The age-old tradition of politicians making stump speeches from the backs of trains (or actual tree stumps...) is totally dead, mostly because politicians are busy flying around in those wacky aeroplanes nowadays.  I think we should bring back the whistle-stop tours and I can't imagine a better platform than this 1925 Pullman Erie 400 that was JP Morgan's personal rail car here on eBay for $350,000 or roughly half of the bribes donations to HRC's political campaigns from the JP Morgan Chase & Co.  Ironic, no?

See a better vehicle from any one of the major/minor 2016 presidential candidates?


  1. ~ Hey! easy on the propaganda. [and vote Bernie]

  2. This would be an awesome apartment. But for $350k, you could also buy an awesome apartment.

    1. In the SF Bay Area it gets you a window over the corner gang-bangers.

    2. In So Cal $350k does get you a nice apartment...but then you gotta find a way to pay rent for next month too...

    3. Eh, you can find an apartment in socal for $350. You just don't want to live in it.

      Anywhere else between the coasts, you're golden. Even on the central coast of CA, you could find a place with a view to park this thing.

  3. You mean aside from Trump's 757?

    I wouldn't mind having both.

    Then when some Valley vulture capitalist remarks he's flying to Aspen on his Gulfstream, I could retort "I'm traveling like a REAL robber baron."

    I wonder if the brakes and bearings are good enough to get you on a Class I 'road.

    1. Of course, if I had that, then I'd have to have a K4 Pacific to go with it, and a baggage car, and a caboose...

  4. wrong J P Morgan

  5. Gotta admit that's alot of luxury for only 350k. I live in the bay area and my house 750k is not even slightly as nice. Curious, where did his hookers stay?


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