Friday, February 19, 2016

Coffee Brake: Will The First Time Callers Please Stand Up

It is always great to see the regular commenters discussing the various things that they discuss, but today for Coffee Brake I'd like to open the floor to the new folks (i.e. the guys/gals who still use the Anonymous name) to ask questions and introduce themselves.

I'd like to request that regular contributors step back and let new people take a stab at the comments.  Go ahead, ask me (or CFlo, Hunsbloger, Kaibeezy, & Gianni) any question you'd like.


  1. Did you ever sell the Draken, and if yes, who did you sell it to?

    1. Yes, I did sell the Draken last year (I put up a note in the original listing) to a guy located in Menifee who is a big Saab fanatic. I should probably have written a follow-up final entry style post.

      Also, FYI -- you can use the little drop down menu when you post and select "Name/URL", enter in something in the Name section (leave URL blank) and post with a name, no login credentials required.

      DT Editor

    2. Barnabus SnooblefritzFebruary 19, 2016 at 2:03 PM

      Just like this!

  2. I've not introduced myself, and don't comment much, but recently stopped being Anonymous.

    Traditionally I was just an air-cooled vw junkie, but after whittling down from a one-time high of 10+, I'm down to only 1, a 1970 Westfalia I've had for 20 years (since high school). With the prices these days, I should have held out a little longer before liquidation.

    Also in the fleet:
    1st gen 4runner mildly modified (33" tires, 2" lift, 5.29 gears with an air locker)
    Chevy astro based motorhome (Provan Tiger GT)
    B5.5 Passat Wagon (daily driver, V6)
    Motorcycles: my GF and I have a deal. I don't ask her how many shoes she has, we don't count motorcycles.

    1. novek,
      Sounds like a nice fleet of vehicles -- I used to own a B5 Passat 1.8T 5-spd sedan, a great daily driver for many miles.
      If you ever want your Westy (or any other car) featured as a DT reader ride, just send an email to
      DT E-i-C

  3. I have been checking DT semi-religiously for roughly a year now and have never commented. I figure this is good time to introduce myself. I currently daily drive a Hyundai which I not very proud of but I am constantly looking as a hobby. Somehow I stumbled onto DT and have been frequenting the site ever since.

    1. August,
      Welcome to DT, glad you have been a regular visitor, we need more of those.
      And there is nothing wrong with driving a Hyundai, they do well in WRC these days!

      Any planned car purchases in the near future? And if you'd like to have your car as a reader ride, just send me an email:
      DT E-i-c.

    2. Careful, August. This site has a tendency to lead its readers to multiple purchases of dubious intelligence.

    3. Weren't you going to go buy a Midget or something that was featured on this site? How did it turn out?

    4. doctordel -- I should probably make beaucoup bucks by getting a divorce attorney (or two) to advertise on this site for a % commission...

    5. Ha! Well, my divorce had nothing to do with my inability to turn away from DT's daily deliciousness, Not for lack of trying, mind you.
      As for my most recent DT purchase, the 1974 Mgb Gt in that getting shade of's going to be a bit of a labor of love, I think. I could keep it how it is now, as a scruffy DD, and pass it on to the next chap in a year or two just slightly better than I found her. However, I think that I will instead use her as my canvas and make her my own. Truth be told, I probably overpaid by a grand, given the amount of replacing I'm going to have to do with trim and the like. And the blue paint was pretty poorly done...over a previous yellow that was pretty poorly done. But no matter. I dig the sound of the carbs and the feel of the steering so I'm going to enjoy myself as she becomes mine and mine alone.
      I will post a real update when I've accomplished more. So far I am still taking her apart...


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