Monday, February 8, 2016

Auction Watch: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Wagon

Take a look at this 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Wagon here on eBay bidding for $4,150 with auction ending on Wednesday.


  1. These GT wagons are really nice cars. Having lived in northern VT until the last couple of years, "Scooby-Doo's" are as essential as cordwood.

    Cordwood does not need head gaskets replaced nearly as often though. Earlier cars are immune, but this generation can be a painful experience. $30 a week in a Subie-Fund will help make it seem painless.

    They have SAAB-like road holding, great steering feel and solidity. They are very tough despite the head gaskets being made from Brie. AWD is flawless and efficient.

  2. The only reason I never bought one of these was frameless door windows.

    I hate that. They ALWAYS start rattling eventually. Even in Teslas.

    I'd put up with head gaskets, I'd put in a Cobb up-pipe so the turbo wouldn't eat the cat, but I don't want the frameless door windows.

  3. Subaru's are great cars.. The AWD system is superior to just about anything else out there. I've had a legacy gt and really liked it. The wagons are the way to go.

    1. Have to disagree with the commenters here. I have one. It's a great driving car, but has been far from the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Operating cost per mile is at least 4 times the operating cost/mile of my BMW - - no, I am not just cooking up numbers. Despite religious maintenance and services, at 100K the turbo went (a VERY common issue with these) and it took the engine with it. It eats brakes, has appalling fuel economy (never done better than 24, and that was only once - ONCE), wheel bearings, climate control panel, etc.

      I call it my Japanese Jaguar. When it goes it goes very well... when it goes.

    2. 1. Headgaskets, timing belt, water pump, all other seals in engine every 100K (since you have to pull the engine anyway, make sure to replace the mounts)
      2. Wheel Bearings (Get timkin replacements, depends on road crown quality but every 20-30K is normal)
      3. Put 1/8" rubber hose behind the door seals on the outer frame of the door to prevent/lessen wind noise. (This works amazing if your triangle seals by the tweeters/side mirrors aren't cut through...if they are, it still helps but you need to replace the triangle seals) (While you are at it, might as well pull the doors and insulate and replace speakers proactively).
      4. Get high quality brake pads/rotors, I haven't had any problem with subarus eating brakes.
      5. Yes, they have horrible fuel economy, changing out the trans/and both diffs with synthetic fluid will help, make sure your alignment is good as well.
      6. CV axles every 50K for poor quality replacements, or 100K or subaru OEM.
      7.Radiator breaks every 140K, replace with cheap one, it doesn't make any difference if it is OEM.
      8. At around 120-140K, pull the trans and replace the mounts, replace all seals (automatic), and check driveshaft for play.
      9. Power steering rack lasts about 120K, make sure to get OEM replacement, or enjoy a jittery steering wheel above 65 MPH.

      Regular subaru maintenance...I probably missed something to.
      Oh and these cars (especially foresters) have HORRIBLE A/C. Good luck living in the desert with one...make sure the radiator foam around the rad and the condenser hasn't disintegrated.

      Love it's what makes me not commit suicide from owning a subaru.

    3. Oh I also forgot to mention the interior plastics are fragile and the lettering can wear off easily, and certain generations of subarus (1998-2006) have problems with the side airbag connections under the seats corroding and causing the airbag light to illuminate, a quick massaging of the cable connector should fix it, but make sure not to adjust the seat or expect to give the cable a lot of massages.
      And the moonroof can sometimes break and get stuck if you aren't careful, why anybody likes moonroofs in the first place is beyond me, it's just a large glass heatsink even with 15% tint.


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