Sunday, February 14, 2016

Auction Watch: 1983 Volkswagen Bombardier Iltis Type 183

Take a look at this 1983 Volkswagen Iltis Type 183 offered for $4,500 CAD ($3,250 USD) here on eBay with 9 days to go, located in London, Ontario, Canada.


  1. great for using in the Canadian winter, it is here - 25C at the moment. Good for collecting in your garage where your wife used to keep her car. That thing won't even reach highway speeds if if you wanted to with it. I suggest it is perfect for donating to fighting the Daesh in Syria.

  2. No remarks on the Iltis, but in the 'You may be interested in...' list under it popped up this , uh, target.

    The main gun and mantlet are a little less than convincing, and given the look of the side of the hull I'm guessing the inside is, shall we say, a little beat up.

    1. Both sides of the hull... I'm not sure how I feel about that listing. On the one hand, it's a piece of history that deserves acknowledgment. On the other, it looks as if it may have been where some brave men spent their last minutes, making its commerce unpalatable, honestly.


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