Monday, February 22, 2016

Auction Watch: 1949 Nash Super Police Car

Take a look at this 1949 Nash "Bathtub" Police Car here from MainAuctionServices in Irving, TX bidding for $5,550 with auction ending Tuesday. Tip from Htown Harry.


  1. I really like this car, nice paint, really unique looking. Two questions though, why is the parcel shelf ballooned up like that? Maybe the answer lies in the trunk - too bad no pics of trunk. Is it a three on the tree and don't see the shift lever in any of the pictures...I see a clutch pedal maybe transmission is a pre selector automatic? Maybe the shifter is hidden behind the spokes of the steering wheel. Hope the car sells well the previous owner looks like he spent a lot of money restoring it.


  3. Something about Dick Tracy...

  4. The old Black and White Superman had something close to this always laughed with there soft or sloppy suspension when car's had a real WHIP for the radio to blast the 2 way radio waves.... car 54 WHERE ARE U

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  6. Easy Peasy Tuneup miss those by gone days....

  7. My father single handedly cornered the market on bathtub Nashes in Queens, NY right through the early 60's.

    I was just a little kid, but I believe my mother did not see the humor to the degree my brother and I did when my dad's prized 53' Country Club Hardtop literally folded in half on a huge dip on Queen's Blvd.

    Snapped so there was a gaping rip between the front and back seats. At 7 years old it doesn't get much more hilarious.

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