Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Auction Watch: 1949 Hudson Super 6

Check out this 1949 Hudson Super 6 here on eBay offered for $13,300 buy-it-now located in West Plains, MO.


  1. The predecessor of the Mercedes CLS/CLA? Kardashian-scale bottom and tiny windows?

  2. I always loved these Hudsons, beautiful cars.

    This one has sold a couple of times in recent years. It sold for $10,150 on July 1 2014 on ebay. At that time it was located in Indianapolis and claimed to be a barn find from the previous year. Then it sold for $6,333 on September 9 2015 on Bring-A-Trailer auctions, at which time it was located in Napa, CA.

    The current ad says the seller has put another $6K+ into it, so this might not be such a bad deal at the current asking price of $13,300.

    Btw, for whatever reason I have not been able to comment here for months now, either with name/url or anonymous while using Firefox. I'll type something, submit or preview, and it just vanishes. I've tried it many times here, disabled ad blocking and script blocking, to no avail.

    Just now I tried using a different browser (Chrome) and I guess it worked? I dk what the problem is but it is a real annoyance for Firefox users. It used to work fine, no problems.

    1. This occasional happens to me too, I use firefox as well. I always copy what I write before I submit it (ctrl + c), in case it is deleted and then I can just paste it back in and resubmit it (99% chance it works the second time).
      I think it has to do with the anti-spam system, it sometimes screws up.

    2. I do the same thing, I compose in notepad and then copy it here, so I can try it again if needed. For me, with Firefox it is 100% failure 100% of the time. I've tried some posts dozens of times before giving up. Today I finally thought I'd try another browser and -- voila! It works. So I really dk what the problem is.

      For me, using Firefox, even after getting the "prove you're not a robot" captcha and completing it successfully, when I hit "publish" or "preview" everything I wrote just disappears. Like it never happened. I've also thought "well just give it a few minutes (hours) and maybe the post will show up" -- like maybe these posts are moderated. Nope. That does not seem to be the case. This has been a problem for me for like 6+ months now. Even after Firefox upgrades and disabling ad blockers and other add-ons, it never works for me.

      Anyway I'm a fan of DT and glad to have found a way to contribute again, even if having to use another browser just for this site is a little annoying.

    3. Hmmmm... Google's Chrome works best on the Google Blogger platform. Who'd a thunk it?

      Anyway, glad you are able to contribute again, Dr.

    4. Blogger sometimes seems contemporaneous with this Hudson.

      Ctrl-A/Ctrl-C everything before you hit 'Publish'.

      Even Chrome misfires periodically.

    5. I actually have all three browsers installed. I use IE only for one website as I want to keep that separate, firefox for general web browsing, as I have all my favorite sites and favorite themes configured, and Chrome for any type of video watching or google maps. HD youtube/google maps stutters and freezes firefox for some reason...I blame google, they obviously want you to use Chrome for their own programs.
      (I also think it's stupid that they created the parent company "Alphabet", it has zero brand recognition and serves no purpose except to confuse people).

    6. This happens to me a lot, using both IE and Safari. Actually, 100% of the time I try Safari, so I stopped. There are also times where the comment submission box just completely disappears once the page finishes loading. Anyone else seen that?

    7. Yes, the comment box sometimes disappears, it usually happens when the page won't finish loading...sometimes will go on for minutes/hours if I keep the page open, it will never finish loading the entire page. At that point, the comment box won't load.

    8. Guys, sorry to hear about the problems with commenting, it is frustration to me as the blog editor to hear these kind of complaints. Unfortunately, DT currently uses the blogger platform for publishing, and it is owned by google, but they offer little development and support for blog administrators. I've yet to find a clear answer to why some people have major issues adding a simple comment, but I can recommend that you clear browser history and delete cookies for a browser that doesn't work and try to comment again. The most reliable way to comment is to have a google account and use that option in the drop down.

      Final thoughts -- Anonymous guys, it appears that there are a few of you, please consider creating an alias and that way we can tell who is talking and have meaningful conversations about Hudsons and superbike powered El Caminos!


    9. chiming in here... one of my IRL irons is in the "software needing to function properly in multiple operating systems" fire - i can tell you for sure (and you all know this) that while companies will deny doing it, there's a disturbing amount of passive aggressive (and actively aggressive) manipulation going on - i'm stubborn and don't like being told what to do, but there comes a time when, if you want to comment on a Blogger site, you bite the bullet, make yourself a Google username, sign in, and get on with it - Safari on iPhone has worked fine for me for months, and of course Chrome - shouldn't be this way; is - and it's no fault of Vince's, starting with Blogger years ago when the winds blew one way, you get established, then they blow the other way and you can't uproot


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