Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Aced out: 1967 Hodaka Ace 90

We like to think that we live in extraordinary times.  We tell ourselves what is happening now has never in the face of human history happened before.  For example, designing in the US and outsourcing the manufacturing to Asia.  Reading today's news might lead you to thinking Buick's Chinese SUV is the first example of this, but back in the 60's PABATCO in Oregon designed a dirt bike and outsourced the manufacturing to Hodaka of Japan.  Find this 1967 or 1968 Hodaka Ace 90 for sale in Post Falls, ID for $650 via craigslist.

Back in the 1960's PABATCO (Pacific Basin Trading Company), a subsidiary of an Oregon Farm Chemical company began importing Yamaguchi motorcycles into the U.S.  When Yamaguchi folded in 1963, the employees of PABATCO designed a small dirt bike on the back of a cocktail napkin and contracted Hodaka to manufacture it.

Their first bike was called the Ace and was powered by a 90cc two stoke and was and excellent performer.  It was very light at 170lbs which the 8hp motor had no trouble pushing around.  The bike was street legal, equipped with full fenders and head and tail lights.  This bike is missing its lighting and the stock chrome fenders have been replaced with some plastic-y junk.

Hodaka went on to create other legendary bikes with enigmatic names such as Combat Wombat, Super Rat, Dirt Squirt and Road Toad.  The Ace was their first successful start.  Hodaka's are still remembered fondly by their fans.  Every summer in the Oregon home town of PABATCO, the faithful get together for Hodaka Days. This Ace might be a bit over priced due to the missing parts and missing title, but maybe you can make a trip to Athena, Oregon and find what you need.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent.  Don't mess with him, he's got a cast iron arm.


  1. I like the question mark after the "hot chick is not included" I wonder if that means if the offer is higher she would be?

  2. Thanks for the nostalgic walk. My first motorcycle was a Hodaka SuperRat. Couldn't be more simple to work on. Finding one with original metal fenders has to be pretty tough as they were most destructible part of the the bike.

  3. Punctuation is odd. Assuming hot chick is someone's daughter, in which case offers are made separately and cautiously.

  4. Preston Petty was not "cheap & plastic-y" compared to the ill fitting low mount stock front fender on the Ace. Fenders that didn't bend or break in a fall were a big step forward for dirt bikes.

    Bonus points for the Bassani expansion chamber too...

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