Friday, February 19, 2016

80% Complicated: 1971 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

Never has a Freudian craigslip been so totally appropriate than the following: "1971 Rolls Royce Silver shadow White/ Black leather interior 11K Original miles this car recently been painted it has a two tone color white and gray. New tires, New interior, car runs and drives.80% complicated."  Find it here on craigslist offered for $10,000 in Covina, CA.

The Silver Shadow was released in 1965 as Rolls-Royce's low end luxury offering, replacing the outgoing Silver Cloud, but not up to the imperial standards of the Phantom (or Silver Wraith).   What you got was a 6.75 liter L410 V8 mated to a GM TurboHyrdamatic 400 slushbox.  The seller says the car runs and drives, but needs some attention to become 100% complicated. 

See a better way to cruise around in your life savings?


  1. From my understanding, if the brakes still have to be done, then even is everything else is perfect, it's still 80% complicated... :-)



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