Wednesday, February 24, 2016

1JZ Powered: 2003 Jaguar S-Type

After seeing this next project, one could imagine that if you could wrap a few coils of wire around Sir William Lyons' coffin, you could probably generate enough electricity to offset the potential costs due to Brexit.  Not that the founder of Jaguar would really care about someone putting a Toyota turbo inline-6 into a Ford DEW98 platform Jag from the Ford era... no, Sir William would be spinning in his grave because the project is such a mess.  Find this 2003 Jaguar S-Type with 1JZ power offered for $3,000 in  Mascotte, FL via craigslist.

For the sake of posterity, here is the entire stream of conscious listing:
selling or trading my 1jz swapped jag its an awesome car and a one of a kind 58mm turbonetics turbo supra injectors and fuel pump running stock boost im changing the alternator at the moment so car is kind of apart needs a tune runs rich the swap retains ac and powersteering everything is functional in the car besides the rpms speed works though need a radiator fan it has a strong healthy motor would be an awesome show /daily/race car sleeper interested in trade car has alot of money in it and like I said its the only one in the world with this swap im interested in corvettes ,ls1 cars other turbo cars but interested in any vehicles besides motorcycles let me know what you have call or text anytime 3522238034 3000$ obo need the money asap MUST TOW AWAY!

See another half-baked half-done project for cheap?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. ...and with the blower V8 S-type R models going for relative peanuts, half-baked is being charitable.

  3. Me thinks the owner probably ends every sentence with the word yo!
    1JZ power bitches, Yo!

    I love placing the turbo where ever in the engine compartment to give the feeling that it actually runs.

    1. I think that was the 'Look, I said it was disassembled, but yeah it really DOES have a really special turbo RIGHT HERE!' part.

      I don't doubt this thing ran, I have serious doubts that all the OBD-II/CANbus stuff in the Jag worked with his swap. And I'm 110% sure that - apples to apples, his pics show a slushbox shifter - an '03-05 S-type R backdated to an 00-02 rearend pumpkin and an 8.8 Ford Truetrac or Torsen diff would work 100%, would be a nicer drive, and would cost $0.00 more than this thing plus sorting.

    2. Hey yo? Im the owner of the jaguar I have a video of it running if your interested... it is running at the moment if your doubtful and you think im putting the turbo where I want lol! Give me a text the add has been updated


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