Tuesday, January 26, 2016

XKamaro: 2003 Jaguar XK8 Convertible LS1

Another day, another Jaguar with Chevy V8 conversion -- I'd better watch it, else endure the wrath of the Jaguar faithful...oh, wait...it's a late model XK8, nobody will care -- keep calm and carry on swapping!  Find this 2003 Jaguar XK8 Convertible with LS1 power offered for $12,500 in Weatherford, TX via craigslist.

Dropping a small block into the X100 generation Jaguar chassis creates more of an XKamaro (XKamero?) than an XKorvette because the XK8 was more of a grand touring muscle car than an apex hunting sports machine.  Either way, it now makes more horsepower with less fuss.

No details from the seller on the donor vehicle for this LS1, but it is probably a late 90s Camaro that would have been rated at something in the 325 horsepower range -- but getting to ~400 horsepower is just cam/heads/tuning.

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  1. Wow, regardless of what I think of any particular result, I truly admire the effort that must go into these swaps. Just the thought of a "like for like" engine replacement scares me these days, due to all the electronics. How does something like this manage its emission tests?

    I notice it has a salvage title. The car looks so clean that I wonder what kind of scenario might have led to that

  2. FWIW: Bond/Zoa XK-Explorer?


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