Monday, January 25, 2016

Turbo Diesel: 1968 Volkswagen Baja Bug

It seems most Type 1 Beetles that still go clackity-clack around the neighborhood are either clean/original show cars or converted into "Baja" style monsters.  Baja-izing your Beetle involves adding a heavy dose of off-road capability in the form of added ground clearance, cut (or flared) fenders, roll over protection, giant tires, and (of course) more power.  It usually doesn't involve a switch to diesel #2, but today's Baja is something special.  Find this 1968 Volkswagen Baja Bug offered for $10,495 in Yreka, CA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

$10k buys you a big pile of Beetles these days, and I would have a hard time dropping down that much cash...but out back in this example lives a 1.6 liter Volkswagen diesel engine boosted by a turbocharger and mated to a VW Bus transaxle.

This thing comes with a bunch of new parts per the seller:
Complete electrical replacement, new windshield, headliner, auto meter gauges, scat shifter, scat front and rear upholstery, 8 gallon spun aluminum fuel tank with fuel level sender, liquid heater with 3 speed blower motor piped into existing ducting, carpet kit with rubber floor mat, floor pans, dash pad, glove box, wiper motor and washer pump, door and window seals throughout entire vehicle.
Fresh body work and paint, new wide eye Baja kit, headlights, buckets, tail lights and L.E.D turn signals. Rear tires are 265/75R15 Terra Trac's and front tires are 235/75R15 Terra Trac's.

 See another diesel powered oddity?


  1. Neat build, but sure seems like form over function.....with anything requiring more than a couple inches of front suspension travel, it looks like those front fenders would be a distant memory.

  2. I've had an engine adaptor sitting on a shelf in my shop for at least 15 years, to 'someday' do something like this. Solid engine mounts and a diesel engine, sounds comfy.

  3. It would seem to me that the front end of this thing might be a tad light. That is a whole bunch of weight hung way out back.

  4. Here's a baja that will make you drool!


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